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Are you in oklahoma and searching for a Jenks Mens Grooming Salon that is extremely skilled and ready to take on the challenge of your extremely long care, or extremely long beer? We are the most skilled haircut professions that you are fine. We are super amazing. We provide fantastic service to each and every one of our male clients. We are able to serve our male clients from the age of 12 years old. We provide excellent services to young boys and adult man all around Oklahoma. Every single one of our customers have left feeling refreshed with a clean scalp and a very sharp haircut.

Here and Jenks Mens Grooming Salon we provide our clients with only the best. We have a full staff on board ready to greet you every single day that we are open. We are open Monday through Saturday and stay open as late as 8 PM at night for your convenience. We provide this service to our clients new and old because we want you to be able to feel confident and prepared for whatever the week has in store. Whether you have a business meeting, a day, or you are simply hang with family and friends that you want to be able to look well put together we are able to serve you. We have a diligent group of staff members who are always super excited and keep our shops very exciting and vibrant for each of our clients.

We make sure that you are greeted with care in a friendly manner elephants in the room Jenks Mens Grooming Salon. This will be a great experience for you. You really enjoy yourself at our shop. We are the one and only man’s haircut shot that provides magnificent service for only one dollar. We make sure that your hair is clean by one of our professionals and conditioned properly. Because we care about the condition of your scout we also make sure that your very first time and you receive a paraffin hand treatment as well as and a sensual oil scalp massage on the house! It does not get better than elephant in the room man’s grooming lounge. This is a place for me and so gathers together get cleaned up and get catered to all at an affordable price in a timely manner.

Because we understand that we have so much to we make sure that we get you in and out’s of the shop in a timely manner. We have an exciting atmosphere at all of our shops. We make sure that we enjoy each of our clients company and they truly enjoy ours. However, we do understand that there is so much to do in the world today was so little time. For this reason we make sure our haircuts don’t last longer than 30 minutes. Yes, only a half an hour. The days of sitting in a barbershop for 2 to 3 hours to do your haircut are over. This is the most amazing service that you can receive, and the most timely manner, at the most affordable price!

If you are in the Oklahoma region and you are needing a haircut today visit one of our local shops in the Tulsa or Oklahoma City area. We can’t walk in and we will still value your one dollar first haircut. If you have any further questions or concerns give us a call today at 833-348-7669, or visit our website where you can book your appointment based around your own schedule ateitrlounge.com

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