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If you are looking for the Jenks Mens Grooming Salon then you are absolute going to love as here at Elephant In The Room. We will show you that this is going to be fantastic, and that we are going to be able to charge you just one dollar for the very first haircut. You might be wondering how can we charge just one dollar for the first haircut, and what do we do with this dollar? Urinal of the fact that we will charge just dollar for because we can, and we will actually donate that one dollar to compassion international which is going to be overseas charity. We will show you that only we through Elephant In The Room will be able to answer all your haircutting questions because our stylists are well-trained, they have been doing this for years, and they know exactly how to answer your questions about hair.

You might be looking around to might ask are we going to be the Jenks Mens Grooming Salon that is going to be having different membership packages? Of course we are, because we are going to be a high and men’s salon that is going be able to cut your hair. Our first packages can be known as the standard. It is going to include a beverage, consultation and then a haircut that is going to blow your world. We are then going take you back and have a hot towel on your face as we are going be able to shampoo and as we are going really condition your hair as well. You will love the fact that we can also style your hair at the end.

You might be asking about our Jenks Mens Grooming Salon and that the different level packages. You’ll love the fact that our deluxe package is going to be literally the best thing that you have ever come across. It is going be just like the standard offers, but there be some twists. What twist you might ask, they are Camille to offer you the different add-ons such as the paraffin hand treatment, or even a extended shampoo or face scrub. You will love the fact that you will feel pampered, and that you are going to walk out feeling like $1 million. Elephant In The Room will be able to make sure that we will be able to listen to you whenever we are cutting your hair.

Now we are going to be through appointment only. You might be asking are we going to have specific locations over your skin to throw you at a location that we need filled. You will be able to specify which location, which time, and even what stylists you would like to cut your hair. Because if you develop a favor stylus because they can cut your hair well, they will want we want to keep you happy.

Elephant In The Room will be able to make sure that you will build a visit our great website on www.eitrlounge.com, and that you can also feel free to give us at 833-348-7669 today. Feel free to understand that we will answer all your questions no matter how many you have.

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