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As far as anyone is concerned for Jenks Men’s Salon, elephant in the is the absolute top of the food chain. Were a lot of other companies fail, that is where we see an opportunity to take advantage. We do not mean that we’re going to take advantage of you but rather you’re going to take advantage of somebody else dropping the ball in order to slide in and show you what it truly means to be taken care of.

You will never search for another Jenks Men’s Salon again after you have experienced us. We are the absolute best service provider for all of your needs for a number of different reasons. First of all, not only have we spent countless amounts of hours to make our environment incredible, but each person that is on our team has done the very same thing all throughout their lives. A lot of the employees that we have have known that they were different for a long time just did not have the right place to flourish.

Our Jenks Men’s Salon is something that we are extremely proud of. We feel it is our purpose in life to wake up in the morning and to make other people look good for whatever the occasion. It is often but said that a brand-new haircut can absolutely change man, and we believe that to be true. No matter what your age is no matter what your races, we strive for excellence on each and every person. We are the best service provider because of the simple fact that we provide the best service.

The opportunity that you are presented with here is incredible and it is something that you should absolutely take it vantage of. You see, there are multiple different directions you can go in one of your choosing a business to handle something as personal as your hygiene and grooming. Sure there are places you can go to get a quick haircut and to get a nice shave, but are these places that your excited to go to? We can provide for you goes far beyond what money can pay for. Many of our customers are super excited to come and see us because they know they’re about to be wowed.

If you have not been wowed by your grooming center or barbershop, then you might have to stop for a second and think to yourself, what are they doing wrong? We know that’s not your fault, but once you know that we exist you have to make the decision to try something new just one time. We know that it will not take long for you to become a believer because everybody about comes in here absolutely becomes one. Not only do we provide the best service in the area as well as in the whole state, but we do so with you in mind. We are not just you to make a profit we’re here to pour into other people and to change lives. We think that there is nothing in the world that is better than this, which is why we will continue.

Jenks Men’s Salon | What Locations Does Elephant In The Room Service?

Not only are we a Jenks Men’s Salon, we have many other locations in addition to this one. If you are anywhere in northeastern Oklahoma then we have you covered completely. We have a location in broken arrow, and we also have locations in downtown Tulsa, and South Tulsa. You think that you are too far away because you’re near Oklahoma City? Well, we have two different locations in Oklahoma City and you will experience the exact same thing no matter which one you visit. You can be sure that we can re-create all the things that we do at our original location and whatever location you choose to come to.

So when you’re asking about Jenks Men’s Salon, we know that after a while you will begin to think to yourself, that you would probably drive hours just to have the very same thing that will accommodate you at any of our spots. Our broken our location is very clean and also boasts on having the one dollar men’s haircut for the first one. You will notice a large inflatable elephant on the front so you know that you are at the right place. Our facility is extremely clean, modern, and slick. All the different angles and designs are well thought out in an outside our building.

Something you may not expect from a Jenks Men’s Salon is that we have all different types of merchandise for sale. We have different accessories and different types of clothing, as well as styling pastes and other types of hair products that you may need. You will not experience a better environment anywhere. We are very conscious of the fact that you may not be located near any of our buildings, but that is okay because we know that we probably have a location coming soon that may be near you. Either way, we are very excited that you have expressed interest.

Our Yale location is especially nice as well. It is very clean and is very modern and slick. You’ll find that all of our staff is not only professional, but is courteous and personable anytime you are to come in. We really love to make people smile and to maybe make you forget about the problems that they have for a little while. We know that life can be extremely stressful on daily basis and we aim to be a little bit of relief for that stress. We know that everybody needs somebody to help them when this at any given time.

Not only do we thank you for the opportunity to be a stress reliever for you, but we openly welcome it. You see, we understand that what we are doing here is not just giving haircuts, but we are changing lives in multiple different locations and there really is not a price that you can put on the. That sense of fulfillment that a lot of people do not get when they go to their jobs, that is not something that we are familiar with. We are familiar with the other side of things, beside that is overwhelmingly positive and uplifting.

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