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You’re going to love that we, the Jenks Oklahoma Barbershop are going to babsolutelyolute amazing consistent force in the world of men’s grooming salons today. If you are wondering how we work, we are going to be able to let you know that we train all of our professionals and house to ensure consistency from store to store. We have five locations and we are going to be able to let you know that we have locations in a lot of places and not. We have a location in broken arrow we are going to be able to provide services for you like us because ever since he started his company in the year 2010, we have been wanting to do better than all the other barbershops. Another number and there was going to come in, they are going to give you an average experience and we are going to absolutely light on fire and be too much much better than him.

You’re going to love the fact that whenever we started as a Jenks Oklahoma Barbershop company, we have been able to give you your first haircut for only one dollar and that includes a free consultation, a beverage while you wait, and a warm welcome. You are going to get an award-winning haircut, shampooing and conditioning scalp massage, face moisturizer, a hot towel treatment, and a style. We know that this is a lot to take in, but this is all going to be one dollar. If you are not satisfied with this haircut, then we are going to give you your one dollar back. What more do you have on a list? You either love it, or you’re going to get your money back. This is going to be the satisfaction guarantee that we here at Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge are going to be able to do for you today. We are hoping to be stellar and there’s nobody else is going to be able to do what I got. We are going to be absolutely and we are going to be better than all the rest.

Whenever you walk into another barbershop, they are going to treat you like another number, and they are only to be able to give you a haircut, while we, the Jenks Oklahoma Barbershop focus on every single amazing service that we are going to be able to provide you with today. We offer 10 different services we offer three add-ons and we are fantastic. You will not have to worry about whether or not this is going to be quality because it always absolutely is.

All you have to do is spent one dollar today. we are the highest-rated and most reviewed men’s grooming salon in the entire state of Oklahoma. So what more do you have on the list? Nothing. You are going to love that our core values are always present in every single store, and all of our employees are going to be delightful and display high energy. They are going to always have uplifting and positive attitudes and that is who you want to cut your hair.

If you have any questions comments or concerns, go to our website today which is eitrlounge.com, or call us at our phone number which is 833-348-7669. We look forward to hearing from you today. We look forward to making sure that you are having the best experience possible to reach out to us today.

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