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Are you looking for Jenks Oklahoma barbershop that can give you the haircut you love? Please stop at the right place. We at our salon offer so many different things that you will love in fact your first haircut with us will be just one dollar. It’s right most companies will charge you 20 times that or even 30 times that even if it your first visit. We are so confident that you’re the best in the area that we know we have nothing to lose.

Are you looking for Jenks Oklahoma barbershop that is qualified to do your hair? Or with over 1000 reviews and the top haircut salon on Google in your area we believe that we are more than qualified to take care of you. We can take care of a variety of different services that you desire. We offer face scrubs, tailored haircut, beard trims, and razor services. That way you can get that clean nice edge up you’ve always wanted. We know that not every salon can take care of you but we are confident can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your services here at the elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge.

Are you looking for a Jenks Oklahoma barbershop that is various different locations go to? Will we want to be as convenient as possible for you that is why we have different locations offer you. You are downtown and you’re about to go on a date and you need a nice new haircut we have a location in downtown Tulsa just for you. We also have a location in South Tulsa and in broken arrow. We believe to be the best we have to be located in the best areas. We believe with our various locations that we will the perfect location to be convenient for you for your next haircut.

Are you going to have major event soon and you need your hairstyle? We don’t only do buzz cut, crew cuts, undercuts, and even regular cuts but we also have professional I can do amazing styled hair as well. We don’t just cut here we style it too. If you are needing your hairstyle you can actually go on our website at eitrlounge.com and bookie your hair appointment today. On her website you will have the option to choose your desired date and time. You can even choose the styles that you want.

If you prefer to call us you can call us at 918-877-2219 were will have someone available to take your call. Don’t where you want to do it automated phone service, we will have real-time people available for you. So what are you waiting where hair cleaned up today and stop procrastinating.

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