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We, the Mens Hair Broken Arrow are going to be the right decision for you today. We are going to be able to let you know that we feature 10 different services and three add-ons here at Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. We have a live personal phone representatives that can answer any of your questions and make sure that whenever you need an appointment, you can call us and we can set it up and we can let you know why appointments are available. You are going to absolutely love the fact that we donate to compassion international. Compassion international is going to be a charity that is going to help Third World countries achieve healthcare, age-appropriate teachings, hygiene training, nutrition, water, mentorship, guidance and love, educational and vocational training. This is to show you that we absolutely care about those around the world.

We are going to be able to let you know that you’re going to get your Mens Hair Broken Arrow first haircut for only one dollar. That one dollars going to go to compassion international. In your first haircut, you’re going to get our deluxe package that is going to go to giving you the satisfaction guarantee of a warm welcome, beverage, consultation, and award-winning tailored haircut, shampoo, conditioning, scalp massage, hot towel treatment, a face moisturizer into styling. We are going also give you your choice of two different add-ons such as a paraffin hand treatment, and essential oils massage, razor service, a face scrub, and an extended shampoo. We are going to be excited to be able to give you your variety that you are going to love. We are the highest rated and most reviewed men salon in the entire state of Oklahoma and you were not going to decision by being able to go dry services today.

We feature five different Mens Hair Broken Arrow locations with two locations being in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, to being in Tulsa Oklahoma and one being in broken arrow Oklahoma. We are able to tell you that we have been featured on six different news and journalism sites and we are going to be the real deal. We are going to consistently give you high-energy that you are always looking for in a bar. There is nobody else that is to be able to do would like us. We are always expanding and we are always letting you know that we are going to be the ultimate man cave environment that you can absolutely depend on. make you shine for your new event that you were going to and there is nobody else is gonna be able to make you look as comfortable and styling as us.

We want you to going over to our website look at our list of services I was we have everything explained about what we serve ranging from our 10 different services and three add-ons

If you have any questions comments or concerns, go to our website which is eitrlounge.com or you can call us at our phone number which is 833-348-7669. You are not going to be let down and you were going to absolutely love this so reach out to us today and you were going to love it.

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