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Mens Haircut Tulsa Hills | A Cut Like Never Before!

Are you ready do you have a cut like never before? They come to get your mens haircut Tulsa hills and let us style up the way you want. Here elephant in the room lounge is a satisfaction guarantee if you’re not walking out of our lounge with a smile on your face that we haven’t done our job, and we always do our job. Once you choose the elephant in the room it will be a decision that you never come to regret, and your happiness isn’t optional with us, it’s mandatory. 10 years of experience has shown us exactly the methods to use to be sure that each and every customer walks out of our lounge happy and we build long-term relationships for years to come.

I want to give you meds haircut Tulsa hills that you would never forget. When very intentional and let not clients no that they are not just an option they are our priority. We will always put you first in a list especially because we are appointment only. Appointment only ensures that you will get in the chair at the specific time you rebooked and you also get out at the specific time needed. We wouldn’t want to waste our time so we will not waste yours either. We’re just a high-end men’s grooming salon dedicated to giving you the best cuts of your life.

It would be possible for you to get mens haircut Tulsa hills if it wasn’t for our founders Clay Clark and Jonathan Barnett. Clark and Barnett decided to team up like Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant and ever since they have been an unstoppable force. With a mind like these I mean how can you go wrong? They are truly the reason that our men’s grooming salon continues to thrive, they have a strong set of core values that they refuse to bend or break for anyone or any amount of money offered. It will always be quality over quantity for elephant in the room.

Did we mention that we will give you a first haircut from us for only one dollar? Yes, you read that right probably one dollar will give you your first haircut from us, now what another salon can say that they will do that. We are the highest and most reviewed salon in Oklahoma, there is no one like us. We have three different memberships that you can choose with us, they are standard, deluxe, and premium. We need to standard you will receive a beverage, consultation, tailored haircut, style, shampoo and massage, conditioning massage, hot towel, and face moisturizer and massage. When you use our deluxe you will receive everything that comes with the standard package but also have your choice out of the two of these five rays or service, extended shampoo, face grub, essential oil scalp massage, or hand treatment.

You are truly looking to get your hair cut like never before you will deftly look up elephant in the room lounge our number is (833-348-7669) feel free to assess any questions that you may have for us so we can figure out how we can best serve you. You can also adjust our website https://eitrlounge.com/ any further information that you need or to book your appointment. We look forward to hearing more from you and we can’t wait to make you another satisfied customer. Have a great day!

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