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Elephant in the room, mens haircuts crossings was founded in 2010. This men’s grooming lounge is the highest rated most google reviewed men’s haircut establishment in Oklahoma. Elephant in the Room has five Oklahoma locations: one in South Tulsa, one in downtown Tulsa, two in Oklahoma City and one in Broken arrow. The elephant in the room is you get your first haircut for only a dollar. Every haircut that’s a Dollar we can donate a dollar to compassion. Compassion is a charity that helps children in Third World countries.

Who is the ideal and likely buyer for mens haircuts crossings? The ideal and likely buyer for the elephant in the room is men looking for a salon experience that caters to men. Any man who is looking for that extra pampering, such as essential oil scalp massages, hot towels, and hand waxes and face scrubs. Elephants in the room also offer a neck, shave and beard trimming. Upon arrival of your appointment at the elephant in the room, you will be given a complimentary beverage of Coke, products, water, tea or coffee.

What areas does mens haircuts crossings service? Elephant in the room’s first location was in downtown Tulsa located at 17th and Boston. From there they expanded it to South Tulsa on 91st and Yale, Oklahoma City on Western Avenue, and on May Avenue, and they have a broken arrow location on 65th and Lynn lane. Experience, enjoy, repeat the highest, and most reviewed men’s salon in Oklahoma. I elephant in the room they have membership, packages, a standard, a deluxe, and our unlimited. Each one of these packages can custom fit to exactly what it is you’re looking for if you only need one haircut a month the standard is for you.

Our standard package is one haircut that comes along with unlimited clean ups at no charge. Have a meaning, a photo, shoot, or anything you need a quick touchup for, but don’t want to spend money on another haircut. This is where the standard package comes in. This is going to ensure that you are always looking your best for all of your important days. The standard services you still get are a tailored haircut, shampoo, massages, and hot towel treatments at every haircut done at elephant in the room.

Visit our website today at https://eitrlounge.com/ review all of our services, learn more about us, find out more about our owners, see, here, our charity, read reviews and testimonials, schedule your first one dollar haircut tour, the shops and more! Come experience, Oklahoma’s most reviewed and highest rated men’s salon for only one dollar for your first haircut! This haircut includes shampoo, massage, hot towel, and a beverage. Don’t miss out on your no-brainer offer of your first haircut for only one dollar. We give you a dollar back to compassion which is a charity that helps children and third world countries. Call us today 8333487669 to get your one dollar first time haircut scheduled with us today.

Mens Haircuts Crossings | Pampered Men

Elephant in the room, mens haircuts crossings is the highest rated, and most google reviewed men’s grooming lounge in Oklahoma. You can experience this for just one dollar with your first visit with us! Elephant in the room we like to give back, your first dollars and donated to compassion. Compassion is a charity that gives food, education, clothes, and more to children in Third World countries. At 11 in the room, we believe that pampering isn’t just for the ladies, men can be spoiled too.

If I was the client for mens haircuts crossings what would you want me to do now? As the client being the elephant in the room, as a website, we would like you to learn about us, see our background, learn more about our owners, we’d like you to tour our shops, schedule your first haircut, check out compassion under the give back tab and more! There’s lots of things to check out on her website. You can see her testimonials, see all of our locations, have a 360 tour of the shop and book your $1 first haircut!

What are the best ways to contact mens haircuts crossings? The best way to contact the elephant in the room would be to call our friend and water to help the call center at 833 EITR now. They can book online through a form you can fill out. We just need your name, phone number, email address and then your message. You can text book or you can call any five locations 11 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM Saturday we are closed on Sundays. We are an appointment only men’s grooming salon. However, if you happen to be in the area and wanted to pop in and see if there was a no-show that is always a possibility, but we prefer to have appointments.

Elephant in the room, we think men should be pampered too. Elephant in the room you can experience Oklahoma’s highest rating and my score of the men’s lounge. Don’t leave all the lawn treatment to the ladies, men. Come let us spoil you too! You’ll get a complimentary beverage, hot towel, massage and a tailored haircut!

Visit us online at https://eitrlounge.com/ to schedule your first haircut for just one dollar, to check out our store hours, and locations, to read or refuse and testimonials, tour, the shops, learn more about elephant in the room, and it’s founders, contact information and more! You don’t wanna miss out on your first haircut for just one dollar! This is a no-brainer offer. We always give you a dollar back to your compassion, charity that helps children and Third World countries. Call us today at 8333487669 do you get your one dollar first haircut scheduled today! Don’t miss out on this no brainer offer, we are so confident you are going to level up in the room and grooming lounge you will want to sign up for a membership before even leaving the shop!

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