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This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Are you looking for the top men’s haircuts in Bixby? Are you tired of receiving a haircut that you immediately regret after you get it? Are you ready to update your look but don’t know how? You answered yes to any of these questions you need to Come to Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. We believe in providing quality for every customer that walks through door and providing more than just a haircut an experience. Book your appointment today by giving us a call at 918-877-2219.

Quality is everything when it comes to haircuts. The reason why we have been named the barbershop that provides the best men’s haircuts in Bixby as we focus on quality. We want to have loyal members know that every time they walked through the door they’re going to receive a haircut that is of quality and is going to enhance their look. So many times barbershops don’t focus on the man himself. They give you a haircut, take your money, and send you on your way. But that’s not how we do things here at our barbershop.

Here are barbershop when providing the best men’s haircuts in Bixby we focus on the individual. Before we even cut one single hair on your head we get to know you want a personal level. Everybody is different and everyone has a different job. A look for professional businessman may not be the same as someone who’s a professional videographer or podcaster. We want to get to know you that we can give you a look that’s ideal for your profession and for your industry.

We also look at your face and the shape of your head. Just because one haircut looks good on one individual does not mean it’s going to be right for another man. Everyone has facial features that are different and we would give you a haircut that complements the spatial features. This is what sets us apart from other barbershops. We don’t simply go to town cutting before considering what the haircut is going to look like at the end of the session. We take our time and we pay attention to details so that you don’t have to.

If you’re ready to receive a haircut unlike any other in the city of Bixby we invite you to set your appointment today. You’ll also be able to talk with other clients and ask about their experience. See why they continue to come back to our barbershop and why they have forsaken the world of mediocre haircuts outside of our doors. This is your opportunity to finally have a haircut that you won’t regret.

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This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room is not only an award-winning barbershop is also been featured in some of the top business media outlets across the country including Success Magazine. Our founders and our owners strongly believe in providing quality every single hair cut that we provide. If you’re looking for the best men’s haircuts in Bixby  we invite you to set your appointment today. Be sure to ask about our membership prices and all the benefits that you can receive as a member of Elephant in the Room. Schedule your appointment today at 918-877-2219.

Along with providing the top men’s haircuts in Bixby we also provide the absolute best straight razor shaves in the city. A straight razor shave is a more precise shave that leaves you looking fresh and clean. We understand that some businesses and jobs require you to have absolutely no facial hair. We understand this and we want to provide you with an Avenue that’s got a set you apart from every other person in that building. You can’t have a beard you might as well look your absolute best as clean-shaven.

One of the other benefits that we provide is a free beverage while you wait and why did your haircut. We understand that sometimes getting your haircut can be stressful and not always an enjoyable experience. We want to change all that as you’re searching for the best men’s haircuts in Bixby. We provide you with several different options to drink including soda, beer, and water. You can relax 100% the time the moment you walk in and the moment he walked out. This is meant to be an enjoyable experience.

Quality is everything when it comes to haircuts. Quality is everything when it comes to how you look and how you feel. It is our great pleasure to give you the confidence they need to hold your head up high and take on the world. We understand that a lot of times people do not do certain things because their competence level is so low. But a haircut and shave can change all that. If you feel like $1 million there’s a good chance that you can go out and make $1 million. Perception and confidence is everything in today’s world.

Book your appointment today with the top barbershop in the city. You won’t be disappointed by the quality that we have to offer here at our shop. The moment you walk in and you’ll see why were different in every other men’s grooming lounge in the city. Don’t settle for mediocre haircuts any longer. Receive the best right here.

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