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Barbershop From Past to Present

This article was written for Elephant in the Room.

Have you ever gotten the opportunity to lock into the shop of a craftsman who is working on a masterpiece or any type of art? If you’ve ever been in Elephant in the Room to get a men’s haircuts in Bixby you understand exactly what that’s like. Whenever true craftsmen are left to work on their art they are able to produce something that is truly stunning. If you would like your very style to have that same captivating appeal to it than you need to get your hair cut at Elephant in the Room. To make your appointment today or ask any additional questions that you seek give them a call at 918-877-2219.

There is something to be said about a man who is skilled with tools or well-crafted and an art. The same thing can be said about the grooming professionals at Elephant in the Room. The attention that they pay to even the smallest details will leave you satisfied on unbelievable level. Never again will you consider your haircut just simply a haircut. Each and every time you set out to do your haircut you will be giving your blank canvas over to one of these professionals to work there art magic. By letting them work their magic and perfect their are you are insuring yourself that you will have the best style and one that is extremely captivating two. Never again satisfy for a cheap and boring haircut.

If you’re up against a wall or tied on a budget and you haven’t ever been into Elephant in the Room make sure to make your appointment right now. By booking your first appointment within you can get a haircut for just one dollar. They know after you spend the first one dollar on such an amazing haircut that you will be back time and time again. This is a service that is quickly becoming the talk of the town and absolute need whenever it comes to great men maintaining a great look. They also make keeping your great work easily maintained on a monthly basis through their amazing memberships.

Never before has there been such an amazing service whenever it comes to getting a man’s haircut. Let alone has there ever been one that is offered as a membership to guys. Elephant in the Room has formed the most unique memberships whenever it comes to men getting a haircut on a monthly basis. Their membership packages offer guys with all of the latest amenities that they would desire to maintain a great fresh style at a budget. Not only does it offer you great savings on your haircut but it will also save you much needed time to get back to your busy lifestyle after getting taken care of. This is the only way any modern man is capable of maintaining an edgy looks at is always clean.

It is completely understandable why many men around the Bixby area have flocked into Elephant in the Room. They’ve all come in search of one thing, the best men’s haircuts in Bixby. Once you have arrived at Elephant in the Room you have found it. It is very similar to the way the Indiana Jones felt every time he found the treasure at the end of the movie. Except for whenever you come into Elephant in the Room you never have to worry about being chased out by the locals. You only have to worry about which beverage you choose to consume during your visit.

To Cut or Not to Cut

This article was written for Elephant in the Room.

For many men the question to cut their hair or not cut it is almost as philosophical as the questions Shakespeare himself asked. There is never a need to boggle your mind so deeply with the question of whether or not to cut your hair whenever you have access to men’s haircuts in Bixby. The haircuts that you get Elephant in the Room are second to none and help alleviate the common question, “to cut or not to cut.” Whenever you have answered this question for yourself and decided to get an amazing haircut Elephant in the Room all you need to do is give them a call and schedule your appointment. Calling 918-877-2219 you will be able to make an appointment at one of their two great metro locations and get on your way to an amazing haircut.

For many individuals this is one of the best services that has ever been created. It alleviates many of the stresses that come along with getting a great haircut for a guy. Many times guys find themselves in an uncomfortable situation getting their hair cut at a pink painted salon. There is no place for a man to get his haircut that is more fitting for his masculine lifestyle and Elephant room. They specialize in providing a unique atmosphere that cater specifically to the needs and wants of the man. There is no need to get your hair cut while you are sitting next to a group of women listening to the latest gossip around town.

At Elephant in the Room you will find yourself in the hands of the most trained professionals that are dedicated to providing men with great styles. You don’t have to risk getting her hair cut like someone who’s only been trained on long-haired wigs. This will give you an opportunity to catch a break from your busy day and get a little extra attention paid to your style. While doing so you will be able to enjoy a free beverage of your choice ranging from a cold beer to a hot coffee. This is astonishing for men whenever it comes to getting their hair cut.

Instead of being bogged down with all the hassles that come along with getting your hair taking care of the cause you to skip out on it so many times check out Elephant in the Room. They have many great promotions going on a regular basis and even offer a membership package for guys who like a little extra ease. Whenever it comes to a haircut experience you deserve all the modern amenities that go into relevant styles accompanied by the classic trends of the barbershop. For men the barbershop has been a place of refuge and security for many years and Elephant in the Room is no different. Is a place for any man to feel confident comfortable in his own skin while getting taken care of.

If you are even considering the slightest bit and getting your hair taking care of by Elephant room and don’t hesitate to book your appointment right now. Especially if you’re looking for a men’s haircuts in Bixby or anywhere around the Tulsa Metro area. This is the absolute best location that is guaranteed to provide you with the results you want every single time you walk in and out of their shop. If you’re considering anything at all concerning whether you should cut your hair or not cut your hair leave that question to the trained professionals at Elephant in the Room. They will be able to help you make any decision concerning your style and set you up for success.

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