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If you’re looking for the best fence haircut in broken arrow Oklahoma, then you found the right place. Here at, Elephant In The Room, we give only the best experience to our customers. It will be like a haircut that you’ve never had before. We don’t just give our customers a haircut, we give them a full experience including free beverages, towels, face scrubs and. We are a men’s grooming lounge which means we fear, haircut, styling and more. We are easily the Men’s Haircuts In Broken Arrow Oklahoma.

This will be a service unlike any other know how to give a good Men’s Haircuts In Broken Arrow Oklahoma. We will be the best provider that you can choose experience is perfectly tailored to your liking. We can do as much little extras as you like. These things include paraffin treatments. Sizes and research services. A clean shave, a beard trim, and that shave, and even had faith. We have incredible razor services that include the top of your beard, the hairline, and the need. Basic packages include beverage, consultation, Taylor and sizes. Your hair after you are finished and moisturized.

If you want to feel pampered every month you should look into our monthly packages which range from $17 and $51. We will keep you looking your best all year round. As some of our add-ons to your routine. Some of our adults include paraffin treatment, essential oil scalp massage, face scrub, extended shampoo and more. You will leave our salons feeling like a new man because we are simply a great men’s haircuts in broken arrow Oklahoma.

The great thing about our grooming lounges is that you can read many reviews to know that we are one of the best. We have been featured in magazines such as the Tulsa world people because back to the service that we provide. If you you to our grooming lounges, then you’ll receive your very first haircut for just one dollar. There’s no tricks for fees, you will get your hair cut really only one dollar. And the great thing about this dollar haircut is that donate a dollar to compassion.com for every dollar haircut that we had. The way get back and allowed new clients try out our grooming lounge.

If you’re ready for the best haircut and grooming experience of your life, gives a call to book your appointment at 833-348-7669. If you use more research to see what we have to offer and you can check our website, EITRLounge.com, see you soon you and your needs. We have services for everyone and are excited to serve you and provide you with an experience that goes above and beyond your expectations. Our team is awaiting your call today.

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