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The Haircut That You Need

This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room is an award-winning men’s grooming lounge and started in 2012. Since that time they had expanded out into South Tulsa and now provide men’s haircuts Jenks. We are proud to provide quality all across the city in order to give men the haircut that they need and the haircut that they deserved. If you’re tired of mediocre haircuts and you’re ready to finally have a haircut that you won’t regret we invite you to set your appointment today. We want provide you with the quality that you been looking for. Give us a call today at 918-877-2219.

Here at Elephant in the Room we believe in professionalism. We have a highly trained staff of not just barbers but customer service representatives. Our ultimate goal is that you feel just like family the moment you walk through the door. We never want you to feel awkward and we never want you to leave without us giving you a smile. Not only do we treat you like family we provide for you the highest quality men’s haircuts Jenks. It’s our hope that you’ll never have to go anywhere else again because you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of quality and professionalism that’s portrayed at our barbershop.

Not only do we provide haircuts we can also revamped your entire look. Quality is something that’s very important to our owner and to our founder. The reason he started the barbershop is getting couldn’t find a quality that he was looking for at other places around town. The dream began to provide something that men with love and that they would feel like they were wasting their money. Everything is sitting around man and the man culture. The moment you walk in your fields if you’re walking into the ultimate man cave and you’ll love it.

It is our great pleasure to provide award-winning men’s haircuts Jenks. This is your opportunity to finally have the confidence that you been looking for and the look they been trying to find for the last 10 years. It’s time to update your look we want to help you get there by providing you with professional grooming specialist who can give you tips and pointers on how to maintain your look throughout the week.

Set your appointment today and be sure to ask about our memberships. The reason we do memberships because we want you to never have to think about getting a haircut ever again. We can schedule you out during the month and you only pay one price throughout that month. There are also several benefits that come with being a member call to find out what they are.

Jenks Quality Haircuts

This Content Was Written Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room is a men’s grooming lounge that provides the absolute best men’s haircuts Jenks. We pride ourselves on not only giving you a professional stylist but a professional team that will make you feel welcomed the moment you walk to the door. The business started because the owner could not find a barbershop that catered specifically towards men and if it did it lacked in quality. That is where the dream was formed and now when you walked in you’ll realize why were named one of the number one barbershops in the city. We are quickly expanding and we are ready to serve the men of Jenks the absolute best haircuts you can find anywhere.

One of the things that we offer besides men’s haircuts Jenks is that we provide you with several different services to complete your look. We understand that it’s just more than a haircut to raise you to the level that you need to be as a young professional or business man. Which is why we also offer beard trims, straight razor shaves, and straight razor head shapes. Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve through your look we want to help get you there. You won’t find quality like this anywhere else in the city.

While also providing men’s haircuts Jenks you’ll find that everything from the decor to the uniforms of the grooming professionals is catered to men. The moment you walk in you will think that you walked in to the ultimate man cave. You’ll be taken back by the repurposed barn wood throughout the entire building. You’ll also be amazed by the quality of the customer service as we greet you when you walk in. And you’ll also receive a free beverage as you wait. These beverages include soda, water, or your choice of beer.

If you’re ready to stop getting mediocre haircuts we invite you to the professional grooming lounge today. This is your opportunity to regain your confidence and feel as if you can take on the world because you look your best. So often times people cannot close deals or live out their dreams because they simply do not have the confidence to do so based on their appearance. We want to be able to change all. New found confidence is one of our goals for you.

Schedule your appointment now the professional men’s grooming lounge and you’ll never want to go anywhere else again. We don’t believe in low-quality and we don’t believe in mediocrity. We believe in providing the absolute best haircuts for every man that walks through our door. This is your opportunity to revamp your luck and start living out life in confidence.

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