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Men’s Haircuts in Lakewood : Choosing Something Better

This Content Was Written for Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge

Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge was founded by an award-winning team was now excited to finally be providing men’s haircuts in Lakewood Colorado at their fourth location opening very soon. The vision of the barbershop came from who’s been featured in Success Magazine and talks about his passion for providing a different type of barbershop for men just like him. Since they opened the doors in 2012 the barbershop is been recognized as one of the top men salons in the Midwest and has been awarded multiple times by local business acknowledgment organizations. It continues to push past the expectation set by their clients and is always bringing in new types of services that men love. Call today to schedule your very first appointment here at the Lakewood location.

The history of the barbershop goes back to the vision and the dream that first had when he decided to be a cosmetologist major. He has worked at several different salons and barbershops but found that there was a lack of quality, service and a barbers actually caring about the experience that there clients were receiving. He wanted to be a little change the way the barbershops were perceived and the services that were being provided. But he couldn’t do it alone. He knew that he needed someone to be able to take his vision and turn it into a reality. He needed the business knowledge, the scalability and someone who had experience in the business world before the building national brands. That’s when he decided to partner up with Clay Clark.

Clay Clark is the founder of Make Your Life Epic Agency and is the SBA Entrepreneur of the Year award winner. He has started multiple companies, won several awards and has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finances for his different business ventures. He decided to partner up with because he saw potential in the idea and he had the experience when it came to building a nationally recognized brand. He wanted to be able to take the idea that he had been sitting on and turn it into a reality while also building a scalable system that could be franchised across the country. They started with their first downtown location and they had made adjustments along the way to cater to the types of men who are interested in such an experience.

Both of the founders are constantly learning and constantly growing in the area of building the business to what it needs to be. If you look the very first barbershop it’s very different than the barbershop that is now providing men’s haircuts in Lakewood Colorado. The style, the service and the accommodations have changed over time but the foundation of what the barbershop represents has never wavered from its original intent. It was to simply provide an experience-based barbershop service for men. That’s all there was to it. To have grooming professionals who actually care about their clients and are focused on providing them with styling techniques that were going to cater to their personality and the profession.

So the barbershop continues to thrive, continues to evolve and continues to cater to the men who are looking for something different. Both founders are excited to be able to expand the barbershop franchise and bring it to Colorado. Made of Colorado of them looking for something different for a long time and were tired of the mediocre barbershops that kept staying in business on the street corners. This barbershop is going to be different than anything you’ve ever witnessed when it comes to men style. is excited to see his vision become a reality and is excited to put a barbershop in every big city in the United States. Schedule an appointment when our fourth location opens.

Men’s Haircuts in Lakewood : What Happens When You Start Changing Things

This Content Was Written for Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge

This award-winning barbershop has now come to Lakewood Colorado for the purpose of providing men’s haircuts in Lakewood Colorado. The barbershop was founded by who’s the styling and barbershop expert. He partnered with award-winning entrepreneur and quality business consultant Clay Clark is the founder of Make Your Life Epic Agency. Together they were able to form one of the top and most unique barbershops ever to hit the Midwest. Since that time it is grown into a national brand and is now opening up a fourth location here in Colorado. If you’re looking to see what all the hype and all the talk is about with this barbershop schedule your appointment today by giving us a call.

wanted to be able to provide a barbershop that is different than anything else yet experienced or worked out before in his life. He found that he was dissatisfied with the services being provided and the quality of customer care and other barbershops where he was employed. He decided that if you wanted to see something change he would have to change it himself. He came up with the idea for Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge and to be able to provide an experience-based haircut based upon the services that men actually cared about. Before he ever considered providing men’s haircuts in Lakewood Colorado, he decided to open up a barbershop in his hometown.

had the knowledge and the insight when it came to barbershop services that you want to provide but he needed a business partner would be able to help brand and scale the business in a way to wear was going to be successful. He decided to partner up with award-winning entrepreneur Clay Clark. Clay brought a dynamic to the partnership which enabled him to take all of his ideas and make them work on a scalable level. When it comes to growing businesses, scaling products and getting the word out a bit of brand-new business is no better consultant to do it than Clay Clark. His ultimate goal was to take the vision of and turn it into reality where it could actually work. Now they are providing men’s haircuts in Lakewood Colorado together.

The barbershop focuses on experience-based haircut to enable men to have a different type of service than they’ve ever been offered before. He wanted to be able to provide something that he couldn’t find in other men’s salons and be able to receive feedback from men who are looking for something different. Ultimately the guy and Clay decided to go with the membership model to enable men to pay one monthly fee, had their haircuts prescheduled and the ability to maintain their style throughout the entire year. This is like a country club for men’s haircuts and a place for men can simply relax for an hour. It is a phenomenon that is slowly turning into a nationally recognized brand and it is changing the way that men have viewed haircuts for the last decade.

Come in and experience one of the ultimate haircut services that you are ever going to encounter in your life. Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge is more than just a place for you can receive a haircut and a beard trim. It’s a place of community, a fellowship and of quality services that are done by grooming professionals who actually care about the filling the vision that he has for the shop. These are people who care about their clients and care about the consistency that they will receive as a schedule their appointments. This is a brand-new type of barbershop making its way to Colorado. Stay tuned for more information about our grand opening date for this fourth location in the United States.

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