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Elephant in the room, mens haircuts quail creek was founded in 2010 and since then has grown to five different locations across Oklahoma. Elephant in the room’s first location was in downtown Tulsa. They have since grown to be Oklahoma’s highest rated and most google reviewed men’s grooming lounge in Oklahoma. In the men’s grooming lounge, we always offer you your very first haircut for only one dollar! Don’t miss out on that no brainer offer, call us or book online today.

What services do mens haircuts quail creek offer? Elephant in the room’s grooming lounge offers three different membership packages. Those packages are the standard package, a deluxe package, or our unlimited package. Take advantage of our no-brainer offer and get your first haircut for just one dollar and you’ll be wanting to sign up for a membership by the end of your treatment. Our standard package is going to provide you with one haircut but you get unlimited cleanups at zero charge. If you have a big meeting, photo, shoot, or just an important day with this standard package you’re going to be able to look fresh for all of your best and important days. The standard package includes a basic haircut, shampoo, massages, and a hot towel treatment.

What other packages does mens haircuts quail creek offer? The next package is our deluxe package. This is our best value. I’ll need you to get one haircut a month and unlimited cleanups. You get additional benefits as well in the form of two free add on services of your choice. You can choose between paraffin, wax hand, treatment, essential oils, scout, massage, or a razor service. Our next package is the unlimited package. The unlimited package is great for people who get haircuts every week or every other week you get unlimited haircuts, touch ups, and all the add-ons. This package is the best package to unlock full benefits. You’ll get as many haircuts, touch ups, and add-ons all with no extra charge.

At Elephant in the lounge we want to make sure you look your best each and every day when taking advantage of our packages and then reaching the full benefits from it. Before you sign up for a package service, please feel free to try out our first haircuts for only one dollar or you could schedule through our friendly and eager to help consider, book online through form, textbook, or visit one of our five locations.

Visit us online today at https://eitrlounge.com/ to see customer testimonials, check out our reviews, see all of our contact info, tour of the shops, check out compassion are charity of choice, find out more about elephant in the room, and what it has to offer, learn about our owners and more! Call us today at 8333487669 to schedule your first haircut for only one dollar. Thomas is no brainer offer from Oklahoma’s highest rated and most google reviewed men’s salon.

Mens Haircuts Quail Creek | Tulsa’s Favorite Lounge

Elephant in the room, mens haircuts quail creek is always going to give you the best service and excellent haircuts for the very best price possible. We are going to ensure that you get a tremendous value with high quality haircuts. You can experience a tremendous and high-quality haircut today for only one dollar at one of our five locations. Elephant in the room doesn’t want you to miss out on this no-brainer offer for a one dollar haircut. Come experience Oklahoma’s highest rated most reviewed men’s grooming lounge.

How much does mens haircuts quail creek services cost? Elephant in the room offers three packages. Her standard is $32 that comes with beverage, consultation, a tailored haircut, shampoo, massage, condition, massage, hotel, face, Voice Tracer, and massage, and a style. Beverages include water, soda, beer, coffee, all of her memberships get a free, clean up Monday, free, nape shave and if you come in Tuesday it’s a free essential oils scalp massage. A beard trim membership. If you don’t want to do haircuts comes with a beverage consultation, and a beard trim and a style.

How much does mens haircuts quail creek membership cost? Or deluxe membership is $38 and that comes with a beverage on my consultation, David haircut, shampoo, massage condition massage hot towel, face boy, straightener, massage, envy style push you get two free add-ons and enjoy 10% off. All products are a premium package for $44. Remember that includes everything that are deluxe and standard offer but as well as an extended shampoo and all of your add-ons for free and premium members get to do a 15% off all of our products. Paraffin, wax hand treatment, essential oil, Scott, massage, razor service, Facebook, and extended shampoo are all add-on services for only five dollars.

Elephants in the room also offer essentials. This includes a mini facial, brow, wax, a gray blend, and clean up for the hairline only, shampoo and style, bows, or a goatee trim. These range from $10-$20 in service. For the razor service, we offer the nape, hairline, and top of beard and for precision, shave, we offer, clean, shave, shave and beard, trim, neck, and a head shave. Remember ships include free cleanup, Mondays, get you a free, nape shave, and Tuesdays is a free Essential oils scalp massage.

You can check us out online at https://eitrlounge.com/ to see our menu, review our memberships, view, testimonials, frequently asked questions toward the shops, CR services, check out our locations. You can text her book, called a book or fill out a form online plus more! The elephant in the room we offer a no-brainer offer of one dollar haircut for your first for your first time haircut. You will want to be signing up for a membership at the end of your service. Experience Oklahoma’s highest rated most google reviewed men’s grooming lounge in Oklahoma. Call today 8333487669 to book your one dollar for his haircut experience. You don’t wanna miss out on this new brainer offer that can experience Oklahoma’s highest rated most reviewed grooming lounge for only one dollar.

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