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The best mens haircuts Tulsa has to offer is a Elephant in Room men’s grooming lounge. That is because we are the Premier choice for all of your hair cutting needs. If you are a male and you were looking for an exceptional haircut, this is the place for you. Every time that you come to Elephant in Room, your experience is going to be absolutely credible. We are going to greet you with a smile and a welcome and a beverage. Whether you wanna call Beveridge a hot beverage, we have you taken care of. So if you want an iced cold Sprite, ask us for it. If you’re looking for a hot coffee, then we can accommodate that as well.

The most amazing mens haircuts Tulsa has to offer is always going to be available in three locations in Tulsa. We opened three locations because their man was so incredible. Each and every time that you walk into any of these locations, your experience will be the same. We’re gonna make sure we offer that beverage and a consultation. We offer this consultation so we can make sure we give you the same exact consistent haircut each and every single time. After that, we begin the tailored haircutting process, and we wanna make sure that you’re happy with it before you leave.

The most amazing mens haircuts Tulsa has to offer is available at those three locations. After the Taylor haircut we are going to give you a shampoo and a massage. We are also gonna give you a conditioner and massage as well to make sure your hair is maintained. We are also going to give you a hot towel, but not too hot. We wanna make sure that we help you relax, but not burn your face off. After that we also have a couple of other options. We have a face moisturizer along with a massage and we will always finish every haircut with the style if you would like.

Every service a Elephant in Room is going to be the exact same if you so choose. That means you were gonna get the same consistent paid haircut each and every time. If you require another consultation for a different type of haircut, we can accommodate that as well. You will always get the beverage. You always get a consultation and you always get a tailor haircut. Each and every time you get a haircut we are going to finish the service with a shampoo and condition along with that massage. We wanna make sure that we give you a great haircut and a relaxing experience.

To get booked visit www.eitrlunch.com or call 918-877-2219 so we can get you on the schedule. We are incredibly packed because of the man in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area. If you go to school today, we are gonna treat you like you are the only client though, because we have a commitment to quality. We wanna make sure that your customer service experience is top notch. You can go get a haircut anywhere, but you can’t get a haircut like this anywhere and you also will not get customer service like this anywhere else.

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If you were looking for the best mens haircuts Tulsa has the offer then that search should lead you to one inevitable conclusion. That place is always going to be an Elephant in Room men’s grooming lunch. We are located at 5 Communion Iris Rd., Oklahoma. We have three different locations in Tulsa and two other locations in Oklahoma City. We have so much amazing demand that we had to offer five locations to accommodate all the requests.

We have the best men’s haircuts. Tulsa has the offer because of the process that we thought occurred in addition to giving you an incredible haircut. Overall, the experience is unbeatable as well. We offer you a beverage with each and every visit you have here and we are going to start every session off with a consultation. We wanna make sure we know exactly what type of haircut you want, as well as offering some advice as well. Every single one of our stylist are trained in the same location so we can assure that you will get a consistent haircut across-the-board each and every time. We want consistency from shop to shop and we train endlessly to make this happen. You will love the tailored haircut you get, regardless of the location.

Along with the best mens haircuts Tulsa has to offer, elephant room also offers top-of-the-line customer service as well. As previously stated every single one of our styluses or trains in the same location so you can rest assured you will get the same quality haircut every time. You can also request to have the same styles each and every time you visit as well. So regardless, you have a ton of options at all for the room. We just wanna make sure that we give you an awesome haircut and that you have an amazing time.

All the services elf in the room include as far as a beverage, a consultation, and a Taylor haircut. After this Taylor haircut, we’re gonna make sure that you get a shampoo along with conditioner and a massage. Each time that you get a shampoo and conditioner that will come with a hot towel and face moisturizer as well. If you so choose at the end of the service, we will give you a style and a face scrub and you can also ask for an extended shampoo if you feel like taking a nap. We will be sure to wake you up!

Visit www.ertrlounge.com or call 918-877-2219 to get booked today. We have a number of customer service representatives. Happy to and waiting for your call to get you booked. They look forward to walking through the entire process and giving you a couple options about what your service is. Your first service is just one dollar because we know that you will love it so much you wanna keep coming back. So go ahead and take the leap, if you’re tired of the same old haircut, give us a call.

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