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If you’re looking for Men’s Salon Barbershops, the elephant in the room is the place for you! Elephant in the room is the premier men’s grooming lounge services for all men in the areas of Tulsa and Oklahoma City. We’ve been providing exceptional customer service with exceptional haircuts for many different men! Cute elephants in the room you can experience and joy and repeat each and every haircut! For a new member you can try your first haircut for just one dollar! Yes that’s right, only one dollar! Discover white elephant in the room is Oklahoma’s highest rated in most reviewed men’s grooming experience

Trying to find Men’s Salon Barbershops can be difficult. Here is the elephant in the room: we’re not like your everyday barbershop. We offer so much more than what any barbershop could ever imagine offering some of our services include: brow wax, Grapeland, clean up, shampoo and style, buzz etc. we also offer exceptional add-ons including: face scrub, extended shampoo, razor service, scalp massage, hand treatment. If any of the services sounds like something you’re interested we would love to have you here at elephant in the room

Elephant in the room is the premiere Men’s Salon Barbershops. If you’re trying to find a barbershop look no further. Elephant in the room is so much more than just your typical haircut spot. You’re an elephant in the room, we’re not just gonna give you a haircut, we’re going to provide you with a wonderful custom overall service. That way every time you come in our individual tailored haircuts or Taylor to you every single time. That’s why we have the most five star rated reviews and Our continue to come back time and time again

Want to sign up for your first appointment, we promise you’ll be hooked forever! That first one dollar haircut is how we prove to you that we provide quality care, exceptional service, at affordable prices. We’re so excited to welcome any and all men into our lounge! That includes our younger audience as well! If you wanna bring your son into the lounge as long as they are above the age of 12 and are accompanied by a parent we’d be more than happy to cut their hair as well! So dad don’t fret, we’ve got it all covered for you here at elephant in the room!

Does everything you hear sound too good to be true? Well if you’re thinking that you’re wrong! Everything that we’ve discussed here today is all true! Here at elephant in the room we really are all that! We want you to find out what we’re all about here. If you would like to book your appointment you can do so via online text or phone call. If you would like to do so via phone call our phone number is 833-348-7669 or if you’d like to book it online our website is eitrlounge.com. We look forward to seeing you have an elephant in the room near you!

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We understand finding a reputable Men’s Salon Barbershops Ken is sometimes beautiful. You’re an elephant in the room. We make that task very easy for all of our customers! We make the tasks so easy that your first time is a no-brainer! That no-brainer means that you can try your very first haircut for one dollar! We want you to come visit us for award-winning tailored haircut shampoo, condition, hot towel treatment and many many more amenities that we offer to each and every customer! We are here to give every customer a tailored experience just for them. If that sounds like something you’re interested in then the elephant in the room is a place for you!

Elephant in the room is the premiere Men’s Salon Barbershops. We offer a wide variety of services which include free beverages, free consultation, tailor to haircuts for every person and a freestyle! We want people to experience the best of the best and you’re an elephant in the room. We want to offer nothing less than the best for the best!

Here at the Men’s Salon Barbershops elephant in the room we do things differently. Elephant in the room pride itself I’m giving premium haircuts at an affordable price every single time! If you’ve never been or if you’re curious feel free to call our customer service line at any time and I’ll answer any questions that you have about elephant in the room. Elephant in the room has no phones in the office so there’s no loud distractions and it’s a nice quiet environment so everybody can enjoy their haircut!

It’s a wonder that we’re offering such a wonderful service for such an affordable price! When looking at how we do it we try to give back to the people that gave to us! That’s why we make it affordable for local people to come in all the time and they keep coming back! Another reason that we can keep giving back so we can give the one dollar haircuts to www.compassion.com. All commissions for those haircuts go directly to that organization which is fun to helping third world children get back on their feet. This is just another way of how the elephant in the room gives back to the community and other communities that give to them the most!

We’re so excited to have you here at Allison in the room that weekend you’ll like it your first time! That’s why we offer a one dollar haircut for the first time. If you’re not sold , call us at 833-348-7669. Or you can visit us on the website at eitrlounge.com. That way for any other remaining questions that you have or if you just like to simply schedule an appointment we can take care of you to the best of our needs! We hope to see you are an elephant in the room real soon and we can’t wait for you to experience what many men have said to be the best men’s grooming lounge experience they’ve ever had!

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