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Any time a man comes in for a visit to elephant in the room and screaming lounge the premier men’s salon barbershops we will donate the first dollar of your first haircut to compassion international. This is allowing us to get back to kids all over the world and not just in her hometown. It is actually providing medical care as well as food education kids all around the world say you are deftly being a part of our giveback program and would be happy to tell you more information also if you like to know more about possibly owning and open the ruminants for an upcoming launch franchise anyone and no kind of the possibilities of what could be possibly going into owning your franchise and actually choosing location of your choice being able to be involved in the process.

And we are making sure they can own your business and your Boston accent franchise that is actually working in the area is also Oklahoma’s highest-rated most reviewed men’s salon barbershops contact us today love to tell you more about how you can get started up and owning her own franchise and begin making your own money and being your own boss. Cost is a narrowly to tell you more about franchise opportunities that we have.

If you want to understand more maybe have additional questions about what to do or how to get started on signing up for membership that is month-to-month contractor maybe for additional questions on what exactly a membership includes such as a month-to-month no contract and so you can cancel at any time or you can actually with each membership in getting shampoo and conditioner with massage as well as the tailored haircut consultation and you also can choose one of our add-ons. But we also have the premium and looks membership to tell you more about.

So men’s salon barbershops do not compare to elephant in the ruminants during lunch. We have been around since 2011 and were continually growing at an exponential rate. And when now since we’re going so large such an asked way we are actually franchising us if you are curious about maybe even owning your own franchising when get additional information about this and how we can help you on the road to owning your own place and also earning your own money and being your own boss calls now enough to be able to tell you about franchise opportunities so that we can bring one of our elephant in the room and grooming lounges franchises in the city nearest you. First there’s no telling where we will turn up next.

So call for more information about men’s salon barbershops where we donate every dollar to compassion international especially if you’re getting your first haircut. And your first haircut with us will only be one dollar if you have never been to maneuver shops before we be happy to tell you more about what location might serve you is also running a morning or afternoon it works best rescheduled for me to come in and extent experience or stand haircut to see if this is something you actually want to sign up for. But again our memberships are all month-to-month so there’s no contract were knocking overview into a 12 month contract and then charge you money to cancel. That is not what we do here so if you want to cancel the cancel at any time. So cost at 918-877-2219 or go to www.eitrlounge.com now.

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