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men’s salon Broken Arrow | holding on to hope

This content was written for Elephant In The Room

You are never going to go to any other men’s salon Broken Arrow other than Elephant In The Room. Elephant In The Room is going to be a the highest quality haircutting place that you ever seen is going to make every other place look pale in comparison. We are going to be having the best quality stylist and you are going to be giving you the best quality haircut that you have ever seen. The first time that you get your haircut for example it will cost you just one dollar and 30 minutes of your time. No other barbershop is going to have such a guarantee because they are going to be making you wait up to 30 minutes in their waiting area.

Now the quality that we have been talking about we are going to be able to prove its you by being able to describe to you the haircutting process. It all starts off with a smile and a beverage of your choice as you walk into our amazing store. Following this the stylist will take back and give you a consultation and that they business you and how you want your haircut and then they will be able to expertly cut your hair. You my well-groomed friend are going to enjoy this haircut and are going to during the shampooing and conditioning that follows. There is also be a hot towel on your face so that you are going to forget that you are in Oklahoma and you will think that you are in paradise.

We are not going to stop there at being the best men’s salon we are going to go so much further. The deluxe haircut is the next step up in the evolutionary chain of haircuts that Elephant In The Room offers you. The deluxe is going to offer all that the standard has and is going to a give you two add-ons of your choice. These two add-ons could be the essential oil scalp massage or the extended the shampoo. There is also the razor service that takes a razor to the back of your neck to get all this little hairs or you are going to also enjoy the paraffin hand treatment or the face scrub.

We are not going to stop on the hair on top of your head because we know how to cut your beard as well. Our beard trims are going to be absolutely everything that you have been looking for because we are the experts. We are able to trim and up from a Gandalf the gray type a beard to make it look more business professional as well. We are able to clean up the lines so that way it is going to be absolutely en pointe.

Now my well-groomed and a well formed friend you are going to visit her website on www.eitrlounge.com to learn even more. You can schedule your next appointment online or you can call 833-348-7669 to call the call center. The call center is going to be able to schedule you in at any one of our four locations and is going to be friendly as well.
men’s salon Broken Arrow | you are going to see why people like us

This content was written for Elephant In The Room

You have not had your hair cut in quite some while now and you are looking for the best one. You have heard about this legendary men’s salon Broken Arrow but you have not yet been to it. You decide schedule your first appointment and see what the fuss is all about. You go in there and you quickly realize why. Because the first time that you will get your haircut through them it will be a deluxe one dollar haircut. And not haircut price the haircut quality and legendary customer service that you will be getting from the hairstylists and the manager and assistant manager.

You are not going to feel any remorse as you are only going to be going to this men’s salon Broken Arrow known as Elephant In The Room. This amazing barbershop is going to provide for you the standard haircut that is going to be anything but standard to any other barbershop. Because all of them are going to be actually blown away by the quality of haircut that you will be receiving from Elephant In The Room. The standard will include a beverage and that consultation with your amazing stylist. It is also going to have the best haircut they’ve ever had followed by a shampooing and conditioning of your hair so that way you do not have to do it when you get home. There’s going to be a warm towel on your face and a perfect styling of your hair at the end of it.

My well-groomed and a well informed friend you are going to be going to this men’s salon Broken Arrow because you have heard that they offer you a deluxe haircut. That is correct because the deluxe haircut is going to be absolutely legendary. It is going to encompass all that the standard has to offer you plus you are going to be getting two additional add-ons that are going to help enhance everything. These add-ons are going to range from the cleaning things up such as the razor service or the pampering such as the essential oil scalp massage.

You are going to be in for the very best treat as you are able to also a sign up for a membership. These memberships are going to make sure that you can get a discounted monthly haircut every single month. They also include the perks on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays as well. No matter what you are going to be looking for in a haircut, Elephant In The Room can do it.

You are going to want to visit our website on www.eitrlounge.com to book online. Booking online is going to be a very easy thing and is going to save you time as well however if you do not have a computer then we want you to also feel free to give us a call at our call center. This number is 833-348-7669 and they would happily schedule you at any one of our four locations.

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