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Don’t go anywhere else for men’s salon in broken arrow other than elf in the room men’s grooming aunt. They’re continually striving for perfection but every single client we take care of throughout the week. We are open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday open until 7 PM in the evening and we are closed on Sundays. If you for some flexibility as well as a place that’s offering you month-to-month memberships with no contract be able to go in as many times as you want to be able to get your hair trimmed or even a cleanup or beard trim cause here today for more information about how to get started and get your first haircut for only one dollar with us.

You will want to go anywhere else except Men’s Salon In Broken Arrow her by the name of elephant in the room and coming out. The best with straight razor shames beer trans haircut. When hand treatments, shahs is facial scrubs and much more. Call us now for more information you can dial 918-877-2219 to be able to set up an appointment with one of our staff styling professionals today. We actually have a call center that we actually take all the appointments where we can actually begin making appointments in our call center to be able to make sure and give us a call because we do look up Hassan usually people actually will have are usually our status actually book a couple weeks in advance.

So if you want be able to get the best you might be able to go with this in the best right now myself and the remains commitment.-Must review and all the home and then salon in the area. Call us now we love to be able to book an appointment before morning or afternoon. Whatever is best fitting for rescheduling them to be able to get taken care of receipt enough to bring about a thing. So what are you waiting for something that happens when you exit precipitous because we are then probably the best ones and all of Oklahoma to be able to take care of your man’s hair.

If your wife or girlfriend and you are tired of having to deal with your husband or boyfriend scratch visiting with them to be able to go to places can you take care of them with great customer service and also offer than great product for the hair and beard send them to elephant in the room men’s coming out. We can get there first haircut for only one dollar. What could it hurt?

We want to be able to show you why we are number one way to continue to be minimal in Oklahoma for men’s salon in broken arrow. Also 918-877-2219 of the www.eitrlounge.com today to see what we’re all about how you can make sure that your man is looking good and looking fresh for you next hot date or for your wedding. Cause now with them to be able to book an appointment usually our stylist look at between a couple weeks in advance that’s white always best to the notebook ahead of time. However we can work in walk-ins if you are in a hurry we love be able to take care of the we also can offer you free cleanups if you want to stop on by after work and get free cleanup costs today and you can also check us out at 918-877-2219 go to www.eitrlounge.com now.

Are You Needing A Men’s Salon In Broken Arrow?

Book an appointment with us today here elephant in the room men’s grooming launched the premier men’s salon in broken arrow. We not only have a location for also to locations in Tulsa went to downtown Tulsa and the other in South Tulsa near 91st and Yale. Said she’s whichever location works best be when he the work in broken arrow you live in Tulsa we have locations be able to fit all your commute commutes. Also if you’re looking to be able to come in after work anyway be able to get the necessary haircut before you were to do some sort of new style we here at often the room or redefining men’s grooming.

We are always about making sure they were innovating and being minimal in industry for men’s haircuts. It straight razor shave beer trans or just dealing with cutters. So whatever – it is you’re looking for what however sure you look for it to get done we can help you out here at often remains very much. We bet they’ll help me out would also like to get you on schedule today for any additional information because it is always important to make sure that you can do this haircut and also for the best deals with the greatest rate all at the same time. I can help you out that is positives, they feel happy I would also like to say all the great things and going on right now as well as any great promotions such as getting your first haircut for only one dollar and also if you have not been to the lounge in a long time we’re actually getting right now five dollar promotions be able to come back into the shop to get your haircut or your chin. So if you want to be able to get initiative is the best right now is currently elephant in the room is getting lunch today.

So for more about men’s salon in broken arrow choose none other than elephant in the room. In Cozumel 918-877-2219 or go to www.eitrlounge.com for additional details and information about us as well as get more information on the stylus as well as how we train our career professionals and all about what kind of memberships we have and what does memberships include. And with all of them should say is no contracts he can cancel anytime in the middle of the month for summa last month or whatever may be be happy to take care of all your needs will also never having you to ask me to break the bank in order to have the great haircut. Successor drilling for dinner we do not hesitate Gibbs: they would be able to help you today.

With our haircut together to gain the best and we can provide you paraffin hand treatments also straight razor shave and extended shampoo and condition with massage. And these are some great atoms that we have and also we love to be able to show military veterans as well as first responders how much you mean to us in right now were giving you 50% off discount on our memberships if you are military veteran or police officer firefighter. You want to show you how much we mean to you how much you mean to us and we want to be able to spoil you with 50% off discount on one of our memberships. We have the standard haircut membership we also have deep rhenium and deluxe.

I would say the deluxe is our most popular because you get not only the standard haircut consultation beverage tailored haircut shampoo and condition with a massage but you also get a choice of add-ons. This will be able to allow you to have a more wonderful experience of constant 918-877-2219 or go to www.eitrlounge.com now to learn more about the premier men’s salon in broken arrow the name of elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge.

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