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Are you looking for the most incredible experience ever at a local Mens Salon in Jenks. While surely if you are still looking you have no idea who we are. Elephant in the room is the most phenomenal men’s grooming lounge that there is in the north region. While right now we’re only relocated in the state of Oklahoma. We are pretty percent confidence sure that no other man’s barbershop is able to provide the level of service that we provide to our clients. Getting your hair cut it elephant in the room is like experiencing fireworks. If you have not heard about elephant in the room is grooming lounge they let me explain to you a little bit of just how amazing are.
Elephant in the room is a Mens Salon in Jenks that is open to our clients six out of seven days of the week. We are amazing! The reason for this is so that we can provide convenience for our customers. Everyone has different schedules everyone to make sure that we can provide our clients with the most easiest and convenient options available to fit their schedule. We even allow you to book out months ahead of time because business is so awesome that we are constantly hiring new style is to keep up with the heavy flow of clients. To further extend our clients the convenience eventually deserve we are opening till 8 PM every single night that the shop is open. Our shops are open Monday through Saturday and we are closed on Sundays. While most barbershops may close for two days out of the week, we only close one because we believe that our clients deserve the highest level of our availability.
A large part of the reason why we are able to stay on overload with clients and its the Mens Salon in Jenks is because our haircuts are so amazing that no other man’s barbershop is able to compete. We treat our new and incoming clients with an amazing haircut for only one dollar. This haircut is our standard haircut with two of our deluxe add-ons. Why are we able to do this? Because we know that our site is absolutely amazing. We want you to be treated the best way and we want you to understand what other shops are robbing you of. Every single haircut appointment comes with a beverage, a shampoo and a condition or both with a massage, a hot towel, a hair consultation with your style is, as well as a tailored haircut.
We do not believe in doing rush to jobs in the term of office haircuts we have train all of our grooming professionals in-house which is amazing! This ensures that every one of our customers will get the same consistent flow from store to store and location to location. This makes our barbershop that much more convenient for our clients in case they are in need of a haircut and they are weighing on the opposite side of town. Don’t worry we have the correct stylist for you.
There is absolutely no other man’s barbershop that is able to compete with our customer service in the amazing services that you receive at elephant in the room. If you’re in need of a haircut today you are here local give us a call at 833-348-7669. For your convenience you are always able to Visit our website and explore all of our awesome services, or to book your next upcoming appointments at your own leisure eitrlounge.com

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