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if you’re in need of a new Mens Salon Jenks because you are currently unhappy with where you receive service, or you just simply never had a consistent barber elephant in the room mens grooming lounge has also services that start at only one dollar. We have incredible style is here who are extremely talented at what they do. It takes a high level of talent to be able to fit in amazing services in 30 minutes or less. But we are expressing what we do what we have master giving you the most incredible haircut that he would ever experience for 30 minutes or less. Why 30 minutes? Because he wanted to be convenient for you in the most incredible experience at the same time.

We’re the most incredible Mens Salon Jenks that a man could ask for. Haircuts are super awesome, and they make you feel great. How much better is a haircut with a nice shampoo and massage, a conditioner with a massage, all while drinking your favorite beverage. We give you this summer time fun experience all year long. Our clients are just like members of our elephants in the room home. this is why we call everyone joins us on a monthly basis are part of our membership. It is such a joy to serve you on a daily bases with amazing haircuts that we know make you happy. And you don’t have to ask is because our personality show it. Once you enter our salon you will notice that we are always excited and happy to be there. We love to hear about what’s new and exciting when your life, or if you are having a chill day you just want to sit back and enjoy your luxury is haircut experience then that is perfectly fine with us as well.

Quality matters to us at Mens Salon Jenks. This is why we make sure that every single one of our clients who have a membership private economy and a get a clean up in between haircut appointments. We understand that you may have somewhere to go and you may not quite be ready for therefore haircut again. So we allow you to do a walk in and receive a cleanup. A cleanup is a service for you are able to come in for free in between your regular haircut appointments and allow us to shape up the back of your neck and all of the additional spaces behind your ears. Near the claimant we also reduce clean up around your beard and mustache. A cleanup doesn’t involve taking any length off of your hair or your beard or mustache but we will get it nice and edged up for yet again just like new free of charge.

We have been known around Oklahoma in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area is the one and only men’s grooming lounge typifies so many services for only one dollar. Elephant the room is always thinking about others. We love our clients and we think about you daily and how to make your experience exceptional. We also look out for our community so we take that one dollar be donated to a nonprofit organization. This organization provides food, education, and health care to children in Third World countries. So when you are looking with elephant in the room you are also supporting all of the other amazing people who could use our help.

If you are looking to book an appointment soon, or you are in need of a haircut immediately, whether you do a walk and we look online you are that one dollar haircut. Give us a call today at 833-348-7669 or for your own convenience you may always log on to eitrlounge.com and go ahead and schedule your first cut for one dollar.

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