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Mens Salon Tulsa | Top Dawgs of men’s grooming salon!

We are the top dogs of mens salon Tulsa which means we are the best and no one else is even close. Those could easily just be words coming from someone else but, from us you should know that we truly mean it. We are a men’s grooming lounge that truly cares about our customers and their well-being, we are not here to take away from you we are here to add value. We believe that long as the customers happiness our way but if we can’t solve your problems then that’s a problem. It is our mission each and every day to bring more life into each and every one of our customers each day.

When you think about a mens salon Tulsa, you’ve probably never thought about it the way our team on a structured. If you know that at elephant in the room lounge when you book your first haircut from us that we will give it to you for only a dollar? Yes you read that right in your eyes are playing tricks on you we said you would get your first haircut for only a dollar. That is only 10 dimes, four quarters, or 20 nickels for a full haircut, I mean come on everyone can afford that. Not to mention our services are so good that we know once you get that first haircut would will definitely be back. We are just a high-end men’s grooming salon dedicated to making each and every one of our clients look their best.

What separates us from any other mens salon Tulsa is that we truly take our time on each and every one of our customers because they are representing us when they leave our lounge. So we will never give you nothing less than our best. Elephant in the room was founded in 2010 by Clay Clark and Jonathan Barnett. It was over 10 years ago when Clark and Barnett decided to team up like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and ever since they have been a force to be reckoned with. Because our slots are filling up so fast we are now only looking appointments only we no longer accept walk-ins because our chairs always so full. On top of that we want to respect your time be able to get you in the chair out of the chair and effectively time.

Did you know we were the highest and most reviewed men salon in the whole state of Oklahoma? Yes the entire state. We have three different membership that you can choose from, they are standard, deluxe, and premium. When you choose a standard you will receive a beverage, consultation, Taylor haircut, style, shampoo and massage, conditioning massage, hot towel, face moisturizer and massage. You choose are deluxe you will receive everything that comes in a standard package but you also get your choice out of two of these five, a face scrub, and treatment, essential oil massage, razor service, or extended shampoo. When you choose our premium package you will receive everything it comes in a standard in the deluxe to also have unlimited haircuts for the month.

We are ready to change your life and change her hair give us a call at (833-348-7669) so you can receive the best services of your life. You can also reach us on our website https://eitrlounge.com/ any further information that you may need from us, questions, or to book your appointment. Look forward to hearing more from you we can’t wait to make another satisfied customer. Have a great day!

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