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Nearby Jenks Haircuts by the name of elephant in the room. This is a place for you can find a home and also place reconnect to get a great environment with great music as well as great company. So this is your actual first time into the elephant in the room you will definitely be able to find your home for him here on out. They deftly come highly recommended especially with their styling. They always do great work and he always have great personality with great energy. And these guys are very upfront as was phenomenal I just doing great styles and they are just all around great place with a great experience. Succumb to the highly recommended and most highly reviewed Oklahoma men salon today.

Nearby Jenks Haircuts for all men’s haircuts is can be elephant in the room. They are offering you immaculate clean stores as well as stylists you are actually trained in house. Which means I even if you were to go to multiple stylists everything on time with ever single visit there always to be able to invite you to exact same service the only difference is the conversation. They each have their own personality that they always did everything the same that is the way of doing things here at elephant in the room. Go ahead and schedule your haircut. Because we usually book out at least a couple weeks in advance. So if you want to have a standing appointment better get it booked today.

Nearby Jenks Haircuts for a great professional haircut. To what you get is you can actually have a stylist be able to have a consultation with you to be able to go over what your preferences are and also be able to get right to when you arrive. Haircut itself is always can be on point you get a hair wash face massage hot towel shampooing condition with a massage beverage and more. Other places like there are no other places like elephant in the room. They definitely don’t go out of their way to be able to make sure getting everything included in the haircut. So rather than sending you out the door with wet hair there to be able to be welcoming and friendly and always being able to do everything necessary to be able to get you out the door ready to go.

Scoggins: if you want more information about how to be able to get the best experience possible mouse being able to have a smiling face to creature in the door when you leave. And every speed part of one of our giveaways we could actually possibly win a free TV. Is trying to spoil our clients and we want to be able to show our appreciation to you. So make elephant in your room elephant in the room your home.

Call 918-877-2219 or visit us@www.eitrlounge.com to be able to schedule or even text to book your next appointment. A more open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday but closed on Sunday. But here with elephant in the room you’re definitely in a get a different experience and you’re not gonna want to go anywhere else because you will be addicted after your first haircut with elephant in the room.

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