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Are you looking for a career? Have you been tirelessly looking to be hired due to this pandemic going on in your just trying to be able to make a living for yourself while now hiring Tulsa at the company called elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge. Contact us today and also on if you’re interested in just coming in to see what company is all about we’re actually consistently holding interviews for anybody who’s looking for a job as a hairstylist.

We pride ourselves and always operating at the highest level of customer service and that is why it’s always important for our team and our employees to be on the same page to make sure they’re always offering satisfactory styles and grooming techniques to every person who walks through the door. So if you love working just around great group of people as well as always offering the best quality service and exceeding client expectations get me one of able to work at elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge today.

What surprises people most about this job now hiring Tulsa elephant in the room hairstylists is that you are actually surrounded by great group of people that follow process and procedure where as you’re not constantly distracted by trauma or constantly distracted by phone ringing in the shop Consulate have to answer what seems like every two minutes. We want to make sure that we’ve always pride ourselves and always offering a great work environment for employees when they feel appreciated where they are also making money.

Are you wanting to make money? Well you can make money here and also have experience enjoyment as well has repeat all of the above. So if you know more about the business itself maybe actually looking to be able to find a great place to settle where you can have a long-term career while also making great tips and hourly call us now at our phone number for more information today. You also finds online and book online you want to be able to tour one of our shops to see what we have going on.

We have two locations in Tulsa that are now hiring Tulsa and if you are looking for career and not just a job man, work and apply at elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge. We have one location in downtown Tulsa and we also have a soft Tulsa location on 91st and him behind Quiktrip. Brawl about nailing what kind of things we offer here at this company and we want to continue scaling the growing throughout Tulsa as well as throughout all of Oklahoma. We want to continue to grow and that means adding you to our team so call us for more information or to get a tour of our shop today. You simply type in the website

Looking For People Who Are Now Hiring Tulsa?

There’s nowhere quite like it here at elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge where we are redefining men’s grooming. So now hiring Tulsa elephant in the room men’s grooming lunch I downtown location, as well as our soft Tulsa location, are consistently look working for hard-working hairstylists who want to make it different in the community as well as always overdeliver not just getting people in okay or an average haircut that providing them with and I’m not phenomenal experience rather than just getting in the shampoo and setting them on their way.

Here at elephant in the room men’s grooming lunch we always have high expectations for customer service and we make sure that when we when we hire always goes above and beyond the call of duty to give their customers the best grooming experience possible. So for now hiring Tulsa you can look at elephant in the room men’s grooming lunch to find out more we can take a tour of the shop to see if this can be a good fit for you and for your career.

The offer you quality grooming and provisions to where you can sit back and watch the money roll when you have men of all shapes and sizes and all ages come and sit in your chair and expect a great cut and they can get it from you. If you want to work for elephant in the room maybe you’re curious to know more about our company before you sign on or maybe you aren’t sure what kind of career you want or maybe you just now getting out cosmetology school and you want to be able to work in a place for you don’t have to answer the phone every five minutes to book an appointment whereas you allow the call center on our team to take care of that for a said you can just be able to welcome more people into your chair call us now.

Brawl them he sure they were hiring dynamic individuals to take on every single haircut with great pride and always over delivering on the customer service. Italy’s most important to make sure that we’re getting the best service so that people continually come back. Because elephant in the room is a membership-based men’s grooming service so we want to make sure that people continue to come back and use our services so that we can actually gain more business and keep your chair busy. That is why our business is so important.

There is no one quite like it with elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge because were now hiring Tulsa and we want to hire you. We are very picky of course it’s always best to come into the store see what we’re all that is he really if it’s gonna be a good fit for you. Because we understand usually when you think of a hair salon you think of a lot of drama being found in the workplace and very low tips but that’s not the case with our company. People always love coming into our shop for their men’s grooming hair appointments get a great experience as well as great conversation from some great silence. So if you want to be part of the family call now and just dial a number 918-877-2219 or go to www.eitrlounge.com for more information.

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