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If you are a man and you live in Tulsa, then you probably need a haircut on a regular basis. And if that’s the case, then you want to make sure that you get the best value around. And that my friend, is Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge you will get better value here on your haircuts in your grooming than anywhere else in Tulsa. That’s because not only do we offer you your first haircut for just one dollar, but we can offer you a haircut in your grooming services for one great flat rate every month when you sign of one of our memberships. You can see from our website at eitrlounge.com pictures of our Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge locations, which have an amazing madness. They also provide you service as soon as you walk in the door beginning with a free beverage. Also if your stylist in Tulsa that we are now hiring Tulsa.

So if you’re interested in Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, we broke down what makes us the best value that might come to us over any other barbershop or grooming shop for men. First of all like we said were to offer you a beverage when you walk in, we can talk to you and consult with you value haircut, and then we can offer you hot towel service if you’d like it. Like to keep it old-school make sure that provide you the top grooming experience around. That we then, of course, provide you with your tailored haircut by one of our professional stylists. Don’t forget for stylist we are now hiring Tulsa.

Also with our membership, you can also receive other benefits such as a shampoo massage or a conditioning massage or a face moisturizer massage. In addition to these massages, you can also receive an extended shampoo that can fill quite nice itself. We also do face grow the of course if you want to install your hair or you need something your different, you can consult with us on styling as well. Whatever you need doing to your hair, we can help you make it happen. And don’t forget we are now hiring Tulsa.

And then we also offer add-ons for our memberships which include paraffin hand treatment targeted make sure your hands a perfect so if you are a dapper man or a businessman like to make sure that your hands stay beautiful when you’re shaking those hands and all those deals, then come and see us. We also offer you an essential oil scalp massage and you can also get razor service to keep it old-school.

If you’re interested in the else in the room services the make she gives us a call at 833-248-7669 we can just visit us on our website at eitrlounge.com to find more details and you can also book your first appointment for just one dollar through the website as well.

Now Hiring Tulsa | What Sets Us Apart From Any Other Grooming Outlet?

If you’re in Tulsa and you are a man that likes to keep yourself clean and well-groomed, you may have tried some of the mail coming services in Tulsa, but if you haven’t been to Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge that we highly encourage you to come and see us as soon as possible. First of all is risk-free because we provide you with your first haircut for one dollar and beyond that, we provide you with the best grooming services at the best value. All you have to do is have a look at our website at eitrlounge.com to see the photos of our locations to know that is an amazing atmosphere in which you get top-tier treatment on your hair your face and even your hands. It’s also a wonderful place to work so if you are a stylist in Tulsa that we are now hiring Tulsa.

What makes Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge unique is the fact that we provide you with men’s grooming services provided by professional stylists in a wonderful environment that is obtained through membership packages that are going to save you money by providing you with these services on a consistent monthly basis for flat rate see you save money by signing up. Builders a synergy walk in the door is different because if your member then you get a free beverage, you get a consultation and you also get hot towel service for your haircut. And of course, you get your tailored haircut from our professional stylists. If you are a stylist in Tulsa to get touch because we are now hiring Tulsa.

It stops there, either. When you remember you can also receive, depending on your membership package, a shampoo massage or a conditioning massage or a face moisturizer massage. You can even receive an extended shampoo warrior here and we can do face scrubs. If you want to stay dapper, then you want to make sure you get the full treatment, and of course, if you need your hairstyle that we can do that for you or you can come in and talk about trying something new or something else you wanted you during your consultation. Also, keep in mind that we are now hiring Tulsa.

In addition, you can also add some services to your membership. As adults, we also offer paraffin hand treatment, essential oil, and scout massage, and we can also do razor service. We offer the full package here on one roof. Get everything done make sure you look at the best keep running your life and tiptop condition.

If film information about what we can do for you. Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge or you want to schedule the first dollar haircut to make sure you get touch with us today about the number or you can discover the website at eitrlounge.com we can find most the information that you need if not all and if not just call us for shooting us any questions comments or concerns be sure to check out the customer testimonials or the reviews our website.

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