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OKC Barbershop | $1 Haircuts for New Customers

Have you ever heard of any OKC Barbershop in town offering one dollar haircuts? Probably not because that sounds crazy. That is what we are providing. At Elephant In The Room. For your first haircut at Elephant In The Room we will deliver for only one dollar. We know what you are thinking. “A $1 haircut must not be very good quality.” The opposite is actually true. We can provide the ultimate haircut experience for your first time for only one dollar. The best barbershop in town is committed to exceptional results. This is why we are the highest and most reviewed men’s grooming lounge in all of Oklahoma. We encourage you to find out more because you have absolutely nothing to lose. You only have one dollar to give up to see for yourself. The fact is, we do not even keep the dollar. We actually donate that to charity because we believe in giving back to our community.

If you are seeking the best OKC Barbershop experience, learn our process at Elephant In The Room. We provide a consultation from a style expert committed to giving you the best option to fit your unique face shape, style and desired look. You also receive a tailored haircut that is customized to deliver the look you desire. We also include a shampoo and conditioning service which includes a massage. You also receive a hot towel treatment and a face moisturizer with a massage. When you leave our location you will leave completely styled. You will still sharp, relaxed and sophisticated. Receive the ultimate haircut experience that you will never go back to the old way of barbershop options again.

The best OKC Barbershop in town also delivers affordable packages. The Elephant In The Room provide a standard, deluxe, premium and beard trim package. The most popular package and the best value for your money is our deluxe package. For members, this package is only $38. Your package includes the ultimate haircut experience described above and more. Your deluxe package offers a 10% discount on all products and the option of choosing to add-ons for your services. You are add-ons include a paraffin hand treatment, essential oil scalp massage, razor service, face scrub, and extended shampoo service. You can choose two.

We even give back to everyday heroes. We provide a 50% discount on all of our memberships for every day first responders. We believe that the heroes giving back to our community everyday deserve to be pampered at the most affordable rate possible. That is our commitment here at Elephant In The Room. We want everyone who deserves to be pampered to have the opportunity to do so.

Give us a call today to learn more at 833-EITR-NOW, (833-348-7669). We also encourage you to visit our website by going to EITRlounge.com. You can even book your first appointment online from our website. If it is more convenient, shoot us a text to schedule your first appointment when you text 918-288-0149. Experience the best today.

OKC Barbershop | Did Someone Say $1 Haircuts Near Me?

Did someone say one dollar haircuts near you? That’s right! Elephant In The Room provides an amazing OKC Barbershop experience for only one dollar. The very first time you experience our lounge, your services will only cost you one dollar. This is because we are completely committed to showing our amazing results for you ever purchase a package with us. We believe you should feel completely pampered just like your wife does. That is why we provide amazing services to increase your relaxation while helping you look sharp, sophisticated and ready to conquer the world. We are the highest and most reviewed men’s grooming lounge in all of Oklahoma. We have our clients and exceptional stylists to think for that. We are a growing and fast emerging company. We have four locations in Oklahoma and we are currently in the process of expanding to Florida. We are a growing company and committed to delivering exceptional results everywhere we possibly can.

You will receive amazing OKC Barbershop services and the ultimate haircut experience at Elephant In The Room. There is a specific layer of exceptional results we provide here at Elephant In The Room. We will provide a consultation with a tailored haircut and shampoo and conditioning services with a massage. We also provide a hot towel treatment, face moisturizer with a massage and complete style. Our packages go on a month-to-month basis so that you are never locked in a contract. During your time with us, we make sure you are completely taken care of. We offer complementary beverages including water, soda and coffee.

In addition to amazing OKC Barbershop services, we provide even more reasons to help you to relax. We provide a paraffin hand treatment, essential oil scalp massage, razor service which includes a nape shave, top of beard and hairline trim, face scrub, extended shampoo service and more. We even provide the essentials. We can help wax your eyebrows, provide a great blend, clean up your hairline, give you shampoo and styling services, a buzz cut with a one guard all over, and even a goatee trim. We go above and beyond to make sure we offer every potential grooming or pampering service any man can receive or deserve.

We offer amazing packages at an affordable rate. The most popular package is our deluxe package ultimate haircut experience while also providing your choice of two add-on services. The deluxe package even provides a 10% discount on all of our products. If you don’t want to choose between two add-ons, you have another option. The premium package includes all add-ons. The premium package also provides a 15% discount on our products. Find which package suits you best any and seek our services today.

We encourage you to learn more about our company by going to EITRlounge.com. You may also contact our experts by calling 833-EITR-NOW, (833-348-7669). Schedule your appointment through text if it is convenient for you by texting 918-288-0149.

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