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OKC Barbershop | join our elephant family it’s definitely not a cult

One of our services is can blow you every single time that’s why you love making Elephant in the Room your new OKC barbershop and never you want to go anywhere else after you come back in with us. It doesn’t matter which one of our membership to sign up or whether be a standard, deluxe, or premium we know that we can be blown away every single time. You’re going to love the fact that you’re going to be able to save money on your services as well as your products when you sign up for membership with us.

Which one of the services you come in for you’re going to love the commitment to excellence in the attention to detail that you’re going to get when you’re working with us. You love the fact that we Elephant in the Room are the number one OKC barbershop and you need to come in and see why it is that we have this reputation for excellence. We have so many different services besides just our awesome haircut packages that you can get when you come in and see everything that were going to do.

Some of the services that we can offer you include straight razor shaves the so if you want a clean shave for you want us to shave around your beard while we trim it. We offer the absolute best straight razor shaves out of any OKC barbershop and you’re going to see that as soon as you come in and start working with us. You’re also going to really enjoy the eyebrow waxes that we offer as well as the gray hair blends that we can do for you. We can also do postcards which are really great deal the incredibly cheap so the one guard all over your head, but still be able to enjoy all of the services that you’re going to get with the standard package.

We really want to make sure that you enjoy every step of your service with us in one thing is going to enjoy the most is getting a paraffin hand treatment. The hand treatment is going to dip your hands in a warm wax that is full of essential oils is going to really help moisturize and condition the skin on your hands are going to feel so good after we have treated them for you. If you’re ready to go ahead and learn all the things that were going to offer you then you need to go ahead and check out our website.

So go ahead and go to eitrlounge.com if you’d like to learn more about everything that we are going to be able to do for you. While you’re there make sure that you learn about all the different services that we going to be able to offer you as well as more and more about us as a company. Make sure that you also call 918-877-2219 if you’d like to go ahead and make an appointment with us.

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