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Elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge is hands-down the best OKC barbershop that you are ever going to go to American picture hooked up with an awesome haircut or a bedroom that looks fantastic or you can go old school and get a straight razor shave for the use of due back in the day from a highly trained barber. Whatever your needs may be elephant in the room is going to make sure that you walk out looking and feeling great and all their friends can it be like man went to get because you just look so good.

The goal of the fact that your first visit is only cost you one dollars and to come in and get a haircut that is easily worth $40-$50 but you only spend one. And that one dollars does not even go to the company goes to the charity because for every service that they provide that donate one dollar to charity so that way they can help mentor young boys and build stronger communities. All the staff is friendly and compassionate new you know that you are the best possible OKC barbershop doesn’t matter what you are looking for whether it be just a beard trim or trying to get an awesome bald with a straight razor will be able to take care of you.

So you’re looking for a place to come in and have is a new place to come and get your hair cut is you want to go to the best OKC barbershop will we found the place for you. you will love the fact that our staff is going to be up to you if everything was in the door. Do you offer free cleanup services between haircuts so even if you don’t need a new haircut you just need to come in and get freshened up little bit though be able to do that you can also get the back of your neck shaved with a straight razor on Mondays for free or on Tuesdays you’ll get a free essential oil scalp massage with your service.

Go ahead and swing on by get that first act of one dollar you really love the fact that you’re going to get some much personalized attention they can spend so much time going over exactly what it is that you want. You’re going to get the investor or bedroom that you’ve ever received a new commitment is you get so much individualized attention by staff member that really cares about you want to make sure that your meeting all of your grooming needs so that we can feel fantastic when you walk out.

If you’re to find the best place for you to come in and get her haircut what you need to do right now is go online and check out our website at eitrlounge.com or pick up the phone and give us a call at 918877221942 features a quick text if you are trying to book an appointment with us at 918-288-0149 so that we can go ahead and get you in for that first pick up her only one dollars and start getting it taken care of and looking and feeling better today.

OKC Barbershop | killing the haircut game

When it comes to getting a haircut in Oklahoma City there’s really only one choice in the choices us here at elephant in the room. We are the number one OKC barbershop and you realize that as soon as you walk in the door. You’re going to love the fact that all of our staff is so friendly and so highly trained and that comes from a lot of in-house training that we do in order to ensure that were only hiring the best people in the training them to be even better.

Over the years we perfected our craft of giving fantastic haircuts as well as several other additional services that you can choose from. And you’re going to get talked all about those various services when you come in and get your first visit for just one dollar and as such is going to be some cheap air capital one dollar it’s going of fantastic experience when you get hooked up with our deluxe package for just the one dollar and no other OKC barbershop is going to give you an offer like that but that’s because we’re all about doing the other things that other people don’t.

You’re also the fact that you can feel good when you come in because we are so committed to serving our communities that we donate a portion of all of our profits to various charities that help mentor young boys men because we want to make sure that everyone comes up a lot of our community as we care about investing in our community. Oklahoma City is an amazing place to live and you’re going to love the fact that you come into the most amazing OKC barbershop that there is.

So what other services do we offer? Well I’m glad you asked because we offer a huge array of services and I’m not going to mention all of them right here will mention some of our most popular ones other than the obvious the great haircuts that we do we also offer fantastic bedrooms and some razor services with straight razors. Less of a bunch of extra options that are available for anyone who wants to sign up on one of our free memberships such as cleanups that can come in anytime and you can get your hair cut touched up really quick just to extend the life of a haircut in between your appointments you can also get a free nape shave on Mondays and with the regular scheduled appointment you will get a free essential oil scalp massage on Tuesday.

What are you waiting for what more could you ask for? This is the number one place for you to come and get your hair cut in Oklahoma City and you’re going to love whichever barber you end up with. So I need to do to go ahead and come in is she does the text at 918-288-0149 or course give us a call at 918-877-2219 and for more information about us and all the stuff that we too can always check out our website you can also get scheduled for your first haircut there eitrlounge.com we can’t wait to hear from you. So hurry up and get here and you can see why you want to join our elephant in the room family.

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