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OKC Barbershop | keeping it krispy

Elephant in the room is really just the best place for you to come when you want to get your you think it will be number one OKC barbershop going to love the fact that we just worked so hard for you. Huge selection of services that we can offer for you and you’re going to be thoroughly satisfied with whatever service you choose to get. Every member of our staff is incredibly friendly and there’s so much fun to talk to but they’re also incredibly highly trained and you’re going to love all the work that they do for you.

So you’re looking for an excellent OKC barbershop to the place that you want to go is elephant in the room we would take such therapy with a huge array of services which left me different packages that you can choose from just for your haircuts. Each one of our packages is going to be an awesome experience that will also come with a fantastic shampoo service. We can wait to hook you up with an awesome haircut we really want to take care of you so please don’t hesitate to call us.

All of our services and to some better than meeting is that off really really cannot wait to get to all taken care of. If you want a highly trained staff members cannot wait to help you we cannot wait to get you in your digital role hooked up because we know that you deserve the absolute best and we’re going to give you an excellent service was excellent customer service and you’re really feeling like a member of our family. So come on and check out the best OKC barbershop.

We do so much more than all of the fantastic services that we offer when it comes to haircuts we can wait for you to come and see all the excellent things that we do especially because we all love talking about the wonderful charity work that we do in our community. Really interesting to read and hope you may become upsetting members of the community related to the investment that we get to make it limited the fact that we spend so much time working with them. Every work is incredibly passionate about helping so we want to help you but we also want to help the community and that’s where we spend so much time being invested in the community.

Starting a method if you have any questions or can’t wait to get in for your first visit which is only going to run you one dollar in which you will get a fantastic deluxe package which is going to come with so much including a consultation you tailored haircut as well as a shampoo and conditioner +2 add-ons. Are you going to do to get hooked up with this is check out our website eitrlounge.com or go ahead and called 918-877-2219 or send us a text to 918-288-0149 we can wait for you to come in and become a huge part of our family.

OKC Barbershop | excellent service and excellent people

We 100% committed to making sure we give you the absolute best experience you’ve ever had when you come into any elephant in the room and you’re going to love the fact that we are your new OKC barbershop experts. You’re going to love the fact that when you come in we just take such good care of you and everyone is so enthusiastic about getting to work with you and you’re going to be the most well-groomed one of your friends or member of your family.

You are going to places really makes you happy and really going to get to the absolute best ticket that you’ve ever had? Of course working with peaks and we are the place and we’re going to make sure that you just want to concur with Thorburn when you leave that you’re going to be just dripping confidence level is going to be amiss with the level of time and attention that we put into your haircut. People probably just to walk up to on the street and say hey were due to haircut get to tell them I go to the best OKC barbershop that is elephant in the room and they just take such good care of me that I am a member now what I’m probably going to be a member for life.

What can you expect to become an elephant? Other than a selection of services for its use of which cover everything from saves with a straight razor but also phenomenal beard trims and of course those excellent haircuts that we offer. We are really going to give you an excellent haircut and then another we are the number one choice for OKC barbershop experts and we just value so much that we want to make sure that you’re getting all the attention that you need a dedicated staff is going to help you.

We also then we fan all the charity work that we do in the community to ensure that everyone is taken care of we really do enjoy the charity work that we do. How we do this we donate a portion of the profits of the month to a charity that helps us mentor young men and boys so that when they can become pillars of the community and really just becoming great citizens better guys overall. So if you want to be able to come in somewhere and get the individualist attention that you really need we are going to help you because you deserve it should have the best this is where going to come and get the best.

So if you really get these excellent services right now it’s going to want to do is give us a call at 918-877-2219 you can also reach out to us via text with 918-288-0149 and a course to get more information as well as to get signed up you need to check out eitrlounge.com we look for to hearing from you so should we cannot wait to be your new haircut home and for you to come into the newest member of our elephant in the room family.

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