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OKC Barbershop | life-changing haircuts

Where you can find a barbershop that the individualized attention that you need and where you will come in and realize that everyone is having a great time and actually wants to be there? Where Oklahoma City could such a place like this be found? The answer all the questions about finding the best OKC barbershop can be found on our website because we are elephant in the room and we are going to give you the best haircut that you have ever received.

Our commitment to taking care of you regardless of the service that you want whether it be something done with a razor shave or if you’re trying to get one of her many other services such as baby and eyebrow wax or trying to get your beard trimmed we can handle that. We do so much more than just haircuts but we also think the best haircut with several different packages that you can choose from when you come in to get the different adults need to try it out and trust me all of them are going to help you see that we are the number one OKC barbershop.

Every single one of our staff consume pretty rigorous in-house training program but the best part about that is when you know that everyone that comes in is going to be incredible and they’re going to help you so much and you’re going to get in and out and feel taken care of in a timely manner. And even though it’s very tightly scheduled regardless they never sacrifice quality if you’ve never felt rushed you feel like you’re sitting there just talking to a friend or family member to have a good time getting your hair all fixed up and don’t forget the first time is just one dollar to another OKC barbershop is going to do that other than elephant in the room.

We hear completely committed to giving an absolutely outstanding service every time you come in. We also absolutely dedicated to serving our local communities that we’ve chosen to invest in one of the things that you realize that we do is that we donate money from all of our profits to various local charities in order to help young men become pillars of the community. We believe in making lives better not just with our awesome life-changing haircuts that we offered elephant learns but with real commitment to real effective change in being a huge contributor to our local community.

She really ready to see what the elephant in the room differences? Of course you are so his identity to go ahead like I said before check out our website which is eitrlounge.com and there you find any information on us our awesome staff and of course the various services that we offer you can also use the time to go ahead and get yourself set up for that first visit which is going to get your deluxe package for one dollar. If you have any further questions or like to schedule appointment you can always call us at 918-877-2219 or of course it is a quick text at 918-288-0149 over our texting service that we offer. We look forward to seeing you very soon and trust me want to come in that article going to be a part of our elephant in the room family.

OKC Barbershop | welcome to your new barbershop

Our customer service is unparalleled here at elephant in the room and that is the first thing that you’re going to notice because you are going to the will be enthusiastically greeted by people who cannot wait to help you and you’re not going to get that experience anywhere else but the number one OKC barbershop elephant in the room as you start calling you very soon your new barbershop.

One of things really help set us apart is the fact that we are so committed to finding the absolute best people and then putting them through rigorous in-house training process to make sure they are incredibly well-trained and that they will be able to give you the exact ticket that you want to matter what the service that you might be requiring is it doesn’t matter if you want to come in and get a shave or if you want to just simply to appear terms or of course want to come on in and get that deluxe package for just one dollar is the first visit is only costing one dollars go there OKC barbershop is going to do that besides elephant in the room.

So hurry up and come on and see what you’re missing because you need to be elephant in the room that is the best OKC barbershop that you’re going to find that it is complete the committed to helping you get the best haircut in Oklahoma City but also trying to help make Oklahoma City a better place for want to live by going through a process in which we donate money to various charities in order to help turn young men and boys in the pillars of the community.

Really can’t wait to see so hurry up and come on it because we got so many services waiting for you whether you want to get a brow wax or if you want to get a haircut we’ve got you covered cover all of the bases with you and we’re going to give you individualized attention the unit. We cannot wait for you to come in and join our elephant family. You’re going to love the attention to detail the commitment to giving you the exact kind of attention that you need you’re going to walk out feeling so great and looking so great that people probably stopped on the street just ask you where you get your hair cut and it’s a little annoying at first but it’ll grow on you.

So you know exactly what you’re thinking how do I get to this awesome barbershop others three different ways that you can get a hold of us the best way is to go ahead and just give us a call at 918772219 you get some amazing staffersÖ Pick up the phone and get all your questions answered if you don’t feel like doing that you are busy you can always shoot us a quick text at 918-288-0149 and course if you just want to see what were all about little bit more about the company finds more information to the services that we offer you always go online and check out our website eitrlounge.com to don’t hesitate to come on in our elephant family get that deluxe first package for just one dollar.

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