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OKC Barbershop | minty fresh cuts

Elephant in the room is not your normal OKC barbershop it is so much more than that it is going to be unlike anything else that you have ever experienced before. The fact that they’re going to spend so much time from going over the details of the haircut with you before you even start on haircut. So you will know exactly what is going to happen before they even cut one hair off of your head before you start you will have a very clear picture of exactly what’s going to happen to you.

Another reason that we are unlike any other OKC barbershop is the fact that we donate so much money into our community because we believe in investing in and building stronger communities by helping mentor young men and boys who need to help to become stronger and more productive members of society. We want to invest into our communities as not just for the financial investment into it and we want to see it thrive. You are really going to feel good about the fact that you come into a fantastic place. Plus you are going to feel good about the fact that you have gone somewhere that is going to help young people and ultimately make the community and the surrounding area better.

No other OKC barbershop is going to help you out the way that we do. No one else is going to work as hard for you or give you the level of individualized care and attention that we do to ensure you get exactly what you want. You really going to be into the fact that you’re going to spend time with a highly trained professional and you’re going to be the love the fact that they about the rigorous in-house training process to make sure that they are the absolute best on the market in the area.

Another thing that you are going to love is just how enthusiastic everyone is about what they’re doing. You are really going to be into the fact that at elephant in the room everyone likes to hytpe each other up so you will come in and immediately begin to swee that everyone is enthusiastic and you are surrounded by people who actually want to be at work. You will not feel like you’re just going to do some more people are doing the job you will understand that for many of these people this is their life they really can truly enjoy it.

So if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask him go ahead and just check out our website which is eitrlounge.com or of course you can always pick up the phone and give us a call and one of our highly trained staff members is going to be enthusiastically able to answer the questions you have as well as schedule scheduled for that first one dollar haircut so go ahead and call us at 918-877-2219 or to shoot his attacks 918-288-0149 we can’t wait to see you as part of our elephant family.

OKC Barbershop | give the gift of sweet hair

Are you tired of your boyfriend, husband, best friend, for any man in your life having an awful haircut? Of course you are clear from the worst that happens. We a solution to your problem here the elephant in the room we offer gift cards to be single greatest OKC barbershop which is us. Or if the discounted bike hooked up with one of our awesome packages so that when he commanded not to worry about anything you can cover the entire price of haircut as well as put the tip on the gift card so you don’t have to think what he thinks of walking right in.

Gift cards are an awesome present for any giftgiving situation rather be a birthday, holiday, or a graduation. Especially when you are getting a gift card to the single best OKC barbershop. No one else is going to take care of that meaning your life like we will hear the elephant in the beginning of this giftgiving more than just a going to give him the gift of confidence as well. The sentiment here and we will get them all taken care of so you won’t have to look at that mops that he is wearing on his head.

We really want to make sure that the special meaning in your life gets hooked up and starting to really enjoy the fact you can just pick out his package for community and so that when he walks in the door you won’t have to worry about anything or make any decisions as we all know he would mess it up. That’s one of the perks of sending them to the best OKC barbershop that he can come in and even try to sign him up on membership so that when this will never have to deal with this again because he will start
coming consistently every month and use the facilities that discounted rates as well as taking advantage of all of the other perks that come with the membership.

We really look for to seeing the man you are buying this gift card for we can’t wait to get them all taken care of and get him freshened up and back out in the world looking great and feeling great is what is so thankful that you got a mess. We really take pride in fixing people up and I think everything on our part was really really enjoys getting one of those big dramatic almost life-changing haircuts. He is going to be so happy that you got in this because it’s so much more than just a haircut and also getting him to get the gift of confidence.

So if you’re going get him sitting here discriminating over shops and get all set up a few have the questions or need more information you can always check out eitrlounge.com and of course we do love answering questions over the phone significant is a call 918-877-2219 or if you want to book his appointment for him and if you expect to someone on the phone we do have text to book service available at 918-288-0149 we really look forward to seeing him.

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