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OKC Barbershop | welcome to your new barbershop

Thank you for checking out elephant in the room we’re so excited that you are considering is to be your new OKC barbershop when they were number one we know we can apply your way with the huge array of services that we offer in all of our highly trained staff working to take such good care of you and give you the individual’s attention and care that you need because we are the number one choice when it comes to barbershops in Oklahoma City and we’re so excited to be your new barbershop.

What is it that you’re looking for new OKC barbershop? Are you looking for just an excellent haircut or maybe you’re looking for some awesome extra services such as shaves with a straight razor? Maybe just really want to be somewhere where surrounded by incredibly friendly staff were also incredibly well-trained? We do absolutely all of this for you and you’re going to love the fact that we take care of you do all this and so much more work so excited to be a new home for all of your men’s grooming needs.

We also offer an awesome membership package it’s going to really really blow your mind because you are able to sign up as a member completely for free with no commitment no contract and are you going to do is pay less when you come in as well as get additional services such as free cleanups between your haircuts, free me up shaves every Monday, and you can get a free essential risk of massage with the regular service every Tuesday. This is for the many things that sets us apart from any other OKC barbershop and proves why we are number one in the business.

On top of all the excellent things we are doing we also donate to charity to help young men and boys become to us of their local communities because we really like to invest in the areas that we are in regard to do that more than just a financial sense. We are really committed to helping absolutely everyone that we can.

So I know you’re really excited to go and check us out and cannot wait to come in and get your first thoughts package just for that one dollar so here is what you need to do in order to do that.’s the first thing we should do is going to our website for more information about us in the subsequent offer learns more about the charity work that we do it just really get to know this company before you comment while you’re there you can also sign up for your first haircut which is that the Lux package for only one dollar to check our website eitrlounge.com or you can always gives a call at 918772219 or just shoot us a quick text at 918-288-0149 we are so excited to hear from you can’t wait to be her new Oklahoma City barbershop home.

OKC Barbershop | experts you can trust

So what is it in particular that makes elephant learned the number one choice when it comes to picking out your OKC barbershop? What really is a whole bunch of different things it’s a wide array of services it’s the fantastic people it’s a commitment to serving our communities and the really getting in the individualized attention and care for highly trained staff to make sure that you’re getting the exact cut that you want every single time.

You really have not had an experience like what we offered elephant in the room at any other barbershop that you’ve ever been to but that’s why were the number one choice when you’re picking up your OKC barbershop we are the leaders in giving excellent cuts a wide array of services and commitment and care to each one of our clients are looking at the individualized pitch that they need. You’re going to get such great care when you come in and visit with both the you’re never going to want to leave and that’s fantastic as we also offer membership packages which have no contracts and no long-term commitments everything is only for one month at a time that you can opt into in the completely free to sign up.

We are really excited to see you and become your new OKC barbershop and of the fact that elephant in the room will really go above and beyond to get to the level of expertise that you need. When you work with us you know that you’re working with professionals who really cared so much more than just a job for we are the number one barbershop in Oklahoma and you’re going to love all of the services that we provide for you. Every single one of our staff member’s is going to be able to give you excellent tickets even if you don’t to regular for whatever reason is supporting its own is contributing to the executive that you want and we can guarantee that this we take detailed notes over your haircut and put them into our software system to guarantee that you’re going to get a haircut that you want every single time.

I know this all sounds absolutely too good to be true but the fact of it is that it really is the thing that you can do. And on top of all of this we also offer wonderful discounts and the brave members of our military police force fire departments and emergency medical services. We also committed to our community and other ways such as all of the work that we do with local charities in order to help mentor young boys so that we can become upstanding members of the community we do this by donating a portion of all for profit each month to these charities to help invest in our community.

Considering alert about any of this is so much more just go ahead and check out our website eitrlounge.com another thing you can do is just give us a call would be more than happy to answer the questions and going get you scheduled for that first haircut which is only going to run you one dollar and that her deluxe package for one dollar that’s an amazing deal so to in order to do that is just as a quick call at 918-877-2219 also offer a texting service if you like to reach out the attacks on do should a quick text to 918-288-0149. We look forward to seeing you really soon.

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