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OKC Barbershop | You’ll look good!

When it comes down to it the reason that you’re going to go to in OKC barbershop is because you want to look good and no one is going to help you look better than elephant in the room and coming is going to get individualized attention from really well-trained barbers stylists to help make sure that you are all taken care of so that will get the exact haircut that you want every time because not only will they give you back up they will also take note so that way when you do come in the next time you’re going to be so well taken care of and you’re going to be blown away at the quality of service and the fact that you were able to get the same haircut or slightly altered version of the same haircut or completely switch it up.

We’re going to get you looking better than anywhere else because we are the absolute best OKC barbershop and we are committed to customer service and we want to make sure that you’re getting the service to meet when you come in and start looking all fresh with us and you’re going to love the fact that you can come in your first time for only one dollar and not have to worry about anything else because quite frankly doesn’t have a dollar to invest into themselves and making sure that they look good homeless people have probably come in and got an awesome haircut for one dollar so that way they looked fresh.

You look so good people you stop your listing direct mail which OKC barbershop disputing that awesome haircut and immigrants are applied to them that you got your hair cut at elephant in the room men’s grooming lunch and that you got this sweet haircut for only one dollar. So come on and you love the fact you can look so good and to be able to get free cleanup so even if you just got your hair cut but that have a job interview or maybe you’re going to a wedding just pop in and you’ll get all taken care of.

Not only will you look so good but you’re going to be doing a good thing when you come in because elephant in the room and during lunch also donates a portion of all of their profits to charities that help foster strong communities by mentoring young boys so that little girl to do good things and help make a stronger and better community so they will really be able to thrive.

Do not waste any more time to go ahead and get our website right now at eitrlounge.com or give us a call to go ahead and book your first appointment at 918-877-2219 or you can also use a textbook adoption and text 918-288-0149. Look forward to coming in and giving you a special service that is going to make you look and feel so much better than anywhere else that you are going to go and you’re really going to enjoy the awesome team that is elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge.

OKC Barbershop | keep it krispy

When you first walk in the door elephant in the room instrument that you are going to realize that you just wanted to be best OKC barbershop and you are not going to want to leave because as soon as you walk in the door to buy some smiling friendly staff cannot wait to take care of you when you have such a time when you sit down in the chair and realize that you are in a completely different type of barbershop that anything that you have ever been to before because you and get some individualized attention on a level that you probably have not received and that’s just during the first step which is the free consultation.

Then you’re going to move into the actual phase of getting the best haircut at any OKC barbershop where they are going to go through all of the things that you talked about during your consultation to make sure that your hair or beard looks exactly how you wanted. And you’re really love the fact that we work so hard to make sure that you get exactly what you want you’re going to look so great that everyone is can ask you where did you do to get that there can going to tell them that you go to elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge.

You get your hairstyle that they’re going to teach you how to style it also to show you the tools that they used you will be able to purchase there so that way you can re-create that look at home. They will also tell you exactly what product it is that you need so it doesn’t matter if you if the care or find here if you prefer a wet look or a drier more natural look or if you want something that stays in place or if you want something that moves a little bit more will be able to take all that into consideration recommend the perfect product for you so you will look at not just when you walk out that you will know exactly what to do in order to look at every day.

It’s time for you to go ahead and start coming to the best OKC barbershop that is unlike anyone else that you have been is not only do they do all these excellent services for you may also donate a portion of a free service that they do to charities in order to help foster strong communities of my mentoring young boys feel not only feel great about how you look but you also feel good about doing something to that day because you helped our community while getting the best haircut in Oklahoma City.

Now all you have to do is go ahead and get onto our website eitrlounge.com or gives a call at 918-877-2219 or to shoot us a quick text at 918-288-0149 so that we can go ahead and get you all set up for that first one dollar haircut and you can see the elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge difference.

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