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Oklahoma City Men’s Haircuts | a life-changing cut

This content was for elephant in the room

If you are in search of a Oklahoma City Men’s Haircuts provider that offers a life-changing cut, the check out elephant in the room. They offer top-of-the-line services products and customer service that is un-comparable to the competition. This is a new standard for what a men’s criminal lounge should offer and perform like. They offer a multitude services that are meant to give the guys special treatment. They make sure that the men are pampered and given special services to set them up for success in the day-to-day world.

Elephant in the room offers Oklahoma City Men’s Haircuts that are held to the highest customer service. They have a very large call center that is dedicated to customer service. The call center is extremely friendly and always glad to hear from you as they set up your appointment and guide with all the answers you might possibly need to your questions. There was a master on hand at each and every location to pick up fix any mistakes that may or may not happen. There are some very flexible about scheduling and can get you in at the most efficient time for you.

Something unique about self and the room is crazy amount of services that they offer at each location. Not only are they Masters of fades, hard parts and the ever famous straight razor shave they have dozens more to offer you. They have something special called a paraffin hand wax which removed this dirt and grime and the skin from her hands leaving them soft as a new point baby. Another thing that they offer is hand massages as well as scout massages. They offer scalp massages whenever they wash and shampoo plus condition each and every haircut. The goal is to have their master styles help the custom haircut plan that is specifically sent to your needs and go with your visit.

Something wonderful about the health and the all the stained wood located from ceiling to floor. This complemented by massive mirrors seeking gaze upon your freshly newly cut hair and style. Even if huge chairs you might’ve seen in the 50s that offer a solid American vibe that can’t be extinguished. And beyond that they are extremely thorough and making everything catered to the customer, they have dimly lit washrooms so you are not blinded you get your hair washed. And beyond that they always throw you a free trinket with a revisit, the truly do care about customer service.

So if you’re ready to get a life altering haircut and/or hairstyle and come visit elephant in the room. They are set on being the best in the business and waiting excitedly to hear from you and to help you with all of your men’s grooming needs. Feel free to visit the website or give them a call and speak to one of the zealous employees who can’t wait to hear from you. Give them a call at 8333487669 and set up an appointment today. You can also set up online at eitrlounge.com and view all services they offer.

Oklahoma City Men’s Haircuts | defining and refining hair

Elephant in the room is an Institute that is defining and refining hair styles in the Oklahoma City Men’s Haircuts industry. You have to come see the magic that is happening at one of their dozens of locations each everyday. It’s something special and unique that you will want to be part of. They provide a multitude of services and men’s grooming products they won’t find anywhere else. They have broken the mold and are setting the new standard for this men’s grooming lounge.

One of the various services that elephant the room offers beyond Oklahoma City Men’s Haircuts is the fabled straight razor shave! This is really cool to see and experience first hand, it leaves you feeling like you had your skin replaced. Also the parafin hand wax is something extremly special and unique. The hand wax takes all the dead epidermis off your hands and leaves them revitalized. They even do hot towel treatments that make your face feel like a million buck if not more!

When you first glide innto elephant in the room you make an insane realization that this is a place for men and that is there to make them feel super special and spoiled.They have a master on deck at every store that is there to make a custom hair cut plan designed just for you. The environmentfeels like you just setted into a woodshop, the smell of these amazing products that they offer is incredible! The have these insanly large 1950s barbershop chair that are blast from the past. They have gigantic mirrors with every huge chair to give that overwheling reveal even that much more weight. Elephant in the room has a ton of stained wood that pepper the entire business from ceiling to floor. The sight of aged wood gives that retro old timey look and feel that will stick with you even after you have left this amazing business.

When you have looked for a Oklahoma City Men’s Haircuts you always experience customer service first. Elephant in the room slaghters the competition in this area, they have an entire team of customer sales representatives waiting to hear from you each and every day. They can’t stress enough how important it is to set the tone right you make that first:. Clay Clark and Justin Moore have brought men’s grooming to a whole new level with this company and broken all the rules on what success looks like. Each and every employee review meeting always creature with a smile and a friendly small conversation that make you feel right at home and like nothing else more important to having you there.

If you’re ready to experience a world-renowned men’s grooming lounge then please contact elephant in the room by any means possible. They no longer accept telegraph or carrier pigeon but the website and phone number work just. They can’t wait to hear from you so please give them a call at your earliest convenience. Call 8333487669 to speak to a CSR that is just waiting to know your name. Also feel free to visit the website eitrlounge.com to learn more about this amazing business and all it has to offer for you

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