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Old fashioned Jenks haircuts | Ivy League

When you’re looking for that old fashioned Jenks haircuts there’s one place that you need to go that is going to be able to help you out better than anybody else can. Here at Elephant in the Room were gonna be thrilled to get you the results that you want to see so don’t waste a more time before picking up the phone and calling us today. Elephant in the Room were going to be very helpful for you and your gonna love what you can find and how you can get the best results possible. If you want to herald back to the days your granddad and sit down that chair and talked your Barber like he used to gives a call we can do that.

Elephant in the Room is a best in the business and we been here for a long time we can do all sorts old fashioned Jenks haircuts today. One of the older fashion styles we can do is a site part this is one that was really popular during the 70s it was very mad men ask and what you’re going to notice with it is that it’s going to be very business professional very professional with their style is going to highlight the natural part of your hair is can look great if you want to hard part in its looking back even more you can do that as well and you can even bring it down to make it into a pompadour even but if I stop the sound don’t worry about it as we can help you out.

So one of the to do is the Ivy League is the one that the IV guides can have the at the sides that shorten the cut and the the table across the top of the hair and that is going to come longer and fuller to the crown the front this is going to be something for those guys are in their early 20s you late late teens and one looked fresh the also want to keep their the young look done so gives a call let us show you what we can do and how we can help you out especially if you’re looking for old fashioned Jenks haircuts today.

With the Elephant in the Room you’re going to get the best cuts and that one my favorite is going to see the cut going to look a lot like what you’d see at the other Roman gladiators should have work Julius Caesar’s can highlight your haircut to taper it out see you know that nobody can grab onto it but it still looks pretty slick. When you go to business with this you going to be very professional was still keeping that wild young look as well. Another really good one is the brushed of hairstyle this hairstyle is going to be very similar to the site part but worries that went want to the side this was gonna go back in session be brushed up a lot so to get that volume and get that lift that you would see otherwise to be let us show you about that when courts can really be really awesome for you to see.

Sub is also the, you want to do you want check out Elephant in the Room give us a call today because we can help you out. We can get you results that you want to see so come on by and let us bring out the other the old-fashioned hairs that you like and see what we can cut for you. Call the Elephant in the Room phone number today by going to 918-877-2219 or go online to eitrlounge.com learn more. We can’t wait to partner with you so gives a call today.

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