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Your custom tailored haircut will comes from elf in the room men’s grooming lounge old fashioned Jenks haircuts. 918-877-2219 www.eitrlounge.com if this is your first time into the land before you never been to one of our shop actually get your first haircut for only one dollar. And that one dollar actually goes to a charity that can help children all across the world. To fax someone to be able to get a great haircut and have a great expense also getting back then deftly choose elephant in the room instrument.

When builder he was essentially the value benefit of working with us or system meals. So anyway for Christmas and the deadly want to take advantage of about before it’s gone. Also if you happen to come into your shopping schedule morning after need to have a haircut on a Monday to get a free Nate shave or if you come into the lines on a Tuesday and get a free essential oils, massage or on Wednesday you can get any add-on of your choice for free.

918-877-2219 www.eitrlounge.com is the best way to get hold of us and we actually have someone waiting at the phone ready and willing to take you to take your call and set you up appointment. Also if you’re actually curious about memberships you should know that the prices do vary because it does very shop shop because were all owned in the franchise in a different way by different person. So we met do not want to mislead you actually give you an old fashioned Jenks haircuts and you’ve ever had before.

Here at elephant in the room men’s grooming which we pride ourselves and always offer the highest level customer service at the moment you walk in the door you have your be greeted by friendly face and the mummy said each area your current grooming confessionals can have a conversation with you to understand exactly what it is you learn what you need in your hair. Whether looking just for simple beer tremor may be looking for a fade straight razor or a goatee trend we can do it all free. Of course you just want to be will give as much detail the Constitution as possible so the government professional can go to work and to sit back and relax.

Old fashioned Jenks haircuts. 918-877-2219 www.eitrlounge.com. Stephanie the Pentagon especially if you’re working with high-quality services as well as high-quality customer service experience. And also this is percentage first haircut from the one dollar you actually book on our website you can actually text message to book or you can cause direct later call center field. Open Monday to Saturday and we have a select number of options has all her grooming professionals are trained in house it is a really matter which grooming professional you go to because they’re all train the same and they will give you the exact same service. The only difference is the conversation. If you’re looking for high quality high-energy place to get your place to get your shaving or your haircut needs and look no further than elf in the room instrument.

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