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If you’re wanting a new Owasso Men’s Haircuts for yourself and don’t be afraid to come to Elephant In The Room. In fact we’re the only place that has the best fade, the best guy, anything your way because we have the best tailored award-winning haircut ready for time of day. In fact we want to be able to work around your schedule in order to find the perfect time free to come and seek and get treated. In fact we are the best men salon there is and we want to be able to shape who we are and what we can even do for you.

In fact we are constantly growing and constantly expanding and that’s what we have five current locations to in Oklahoma City, two in Tulsa, and of course only one in the heart of broken arrow. There comes a growing and constantly hiring so if you’re in or is it not be afraid to contact us. Our Owasso men’s haircuts are the best in the business. In fact company has got it down right. In fact we are the highest rated MS review admin salon and all of Oklahoma. We have over 6000 movies on a Google account, I website, and even our YouTube channel. We love what we do and we’ve either been featured on six different needs and journalism sites. We can’t wait to say exactly who we are and what we can do for you.

In fact we are have very high integrity in everything we do is very reliable and that’s way of personal tension in everything we do and personal pride in everything that we get done. That’s why we are always looking for constant improvement and always wanted to be helpful in any circumstance you’re going through. That’s why we are hard-working individuals I can come together for an amazing teamwork. In fact we believe in getting things done and getting things done correctly and that’s why we always pay attention to detail because we know in our line of work details are very important.

If this is the first time using Elephant In The Room that we are proud to tell you that you get your first haircut service for only one dollar. That service includes your satisfaction guaranteed, your warm welcome the moment you walk in the door, and even your beverage. As soon as you get the beverage of your choice we sit down with you and have the consultation over their work that you’re wanting to get done today and then we get to see and give you the best award-winning tailored haircut. Anyway follow it with a shampoo massage with a conditioned massage, and then a hot towel treatment and placed moisturizer. Of course we style you get you looking fresh, renewed, and looking absolutely incredible before you walk out the door. We can’t wait to help service you anyway possible for you to know exactly who we are and what we can do for you.

If you have any questions comments concerns will be afraid to contact us anytime. We have the best place for your Owasso men’s haircuts needs. We can either be contacted by a website or over the phone. I website is https://eitrlounge.com. Of course if you’d rather reach us by phone, I business telephone number is 918-877-2219. We look forward to working with you and we look forward to getting some quality services that you deserve.

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