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Owasso mens haircuts | monthly memberships

Here at elephant in the room, not only do we provide amazing Owasso mens haircuts, but we offer you a monthly membership to receive these haircuts. That means, that every month you come in, and you will be treated like a king. You can get a touch up on the side of your hair, we can completely shave off all of your hair. Before you sign up for membership, if you would like to have a trial run, you can receive your very first haircut for one dollar. We offer all of the services you would receive in your monthly membership as you get your first haircut for dollar.

That way, you can see what it would be like to be a member of elephant in the room, receiving Owasso mens haircuts. You are gonna feel extremely fresh, and professional we can learn easier do every week. Our stylists are highly trained, and they are prepared to provide you with your specific personal style. From the first moment you step into the our office, we are going to provide you with your own first lifestyle consultation. If you provide us with photos of her silence you would like to receive, we will make it happen for you. Whether you are signing up your husband, boyfriend, brother, best friend, they will receive great services here.

Elephant in the room work hard to highly trained that there stylists. That way, you know when you are receiving Owasso mens haircuts it is from professionals who been trained, and have years of experience behind them. Now we have many different monthly membership options for you. We have our standard monthly membership which includes free complimentary drinks, your own personal style, warm towel service, and a shampoo and condition treatment for your hair. We have a deluxe in premium membership as well. As you receive the next higher monthly membership, you also have more options available to you. It with the deluxe membership, you get to receive everything that’s in the standard membership as well as two additional add-ons for free.

That means, you can receive an essential oils scalp massage, or a paraffin hand treatment absolutely no extra cost you. If you are a platinum member, you receive all of these standards services as well as access to any additional add-on service. You have the option of choosing from five additional services, and if you would like, you can receive those every time you come in. It had many clients love our Owosso mens haircuts, you will too.

If you have questions regarding the training of our stylist, how you can sign up free membership, or even schedule your appointment for that first dollar, call (833) 348-7669. After calling the number, I would highly encourage you to go online to eitrlounge.com. As soon as you go online to our website, you can see many reviews and personal testimonial videos from our clients. It will only take about five, to 10 minutes. That’s no time at all in the grand scheme of things. provide

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