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South Tulsa Men’s Haircuts: Men’s Style

This content was written for Elephant In The Room.

Are you in search of the best South Tulsa men’s haircuts? Do you require a very precise cut? Do you love attention to detail when it comes to your mane? Do you want more than just a haircut? Is an experience something you would enjoy it? If so, you need to get over to elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming Lounge if you have never had experience with them before, you need to setup your first visit today! You can set up your first appointment by calling their call center at 918-877-2219. have you ever received a bad haircut when you have search for South Tulsa men’s haircuts? If so, I was in the room can help you with that. We would love to get your haircut fixed, even if we didn’t do the poor cut! no one should have to walk around with a bad haircut! We would love to get you in with one of our highly trained grooming professionals. we would love to get you in for more than just a haircut! We do experience based Men’s Grooming comma and we would love to get you in to have your first experience! If you are looking for South Tulsa men’s haircuts, and you also have a beard, elephant in the room can take care of that as well! We offer both beard Trims and precision shapes. A beard trim consist of trimmers or beard shears being used to take the beard down, and clean up the neckline. We finish off beard trims, with a beard product of your choice.We carry both beard balm and oil. Both are made in house! They are natural and have a nice woodsy scent. For our Precision shave service, we do trim up the beard if you have a beard, and we use a straight razor on your cheek line and neck line. The whole experience takes about 30 minutes and is very relaxing. If you do not have a beard and you are wanting a Precision shave, we do the straight razor all over.
If you are wanting to get other services done at elephant in the room, we do offer additional services. One of our services that we offer is called a grey blend. It is a great option for older guys, that don’t want to appear that they just had their hair colored. It is a subtle blend from the previous natural color to the shade of gray they are turning. This process only takes about 10 extra minutes to your appointment time. Another popular service is eyebrow wax. Most men do not want to keep up with plucking and tweezing their brows. The brow wax is just $15 and takes about 15 minutes. We focus on making the browse a masculine shape, and you will not leave our shop with high arches! If you need to set up any services with elephant in the room, whether it is a beard trim, or a Precision shave, or a mini-facial, or a brow wax, or a gray blend, you can call the elephant in the room call center to book an appointment today. The call center number for elephant in the room is 918-877-2219.

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