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For straight razor shaves broken arrow choose elephant in the room and screaming lunch for a great experience where we take care of everything. Submit your first haircut for just one dollar you can give us a call at 918-877-2219 for more detailed information or delete this review if you had a great experience. Would love to know what fantastic experience you have as well as letting you letting you tell us that how much you absolutely love it here for we have the great care from her stylist always do a great job that will always give you the service it great service from multi-walk in the door.

So if you want to become a client or maybe this is your first time and are not really sure which location would actually work for you you can book your first haircut for just one dollar and choose any of our locations. You can choose our near location for the straight razor shaves broken arrow or you can choose art to one of our two Tulsa locations 11 downtown tells ourselves also. You’ll be looking to and want to get on the chair you will not want to go anywhere else because you may be addicted to it. I have a transformative way of doing haircut and they do not do everything like everything else.

Reach out to be able to show you all the things that are happening here in the room and we are top-notch company that is always providing top-notch service and you will be coming back over and Oregon. Because were just amazing what we do. We love to be able to tell you all the great things that are happening here and you will always feel very welcomed. We have the best services and all Tulsa broken arrow, city and just overall in Oklahoma. That is my real home is highest rated most reviewed men salon in the area. This is an awesome place for guys to go while also not having to spend an arm and a leg to get styled haircut.

Give great haircut teared up in the room and screwing lodging and immediately to get the experience for yourself and you will always want to come back this’ll be your place to go for all haircut needs. So give skull now in the field again. That’s hospitality and anywhere else that you’ll be able to get. Because we are the best you may also want to be able to get your first haircut for only one dollar. We also would love to be able to have you come out from either out of state with a high school college or you’re just visiting Tulsa are in the area anyone be able to go to place to be able to get it fixed rates are great haircut call us now. Paragraph feels when you hear from clients about their experiences you can actually see those video testimonials on her website to learn more about the great beard products and hair products that we supply and also get some great friendly conversation from a great stylus and a great team that always greets you when you walk in the door.

This is staff is just overly friendly and they make you feel like part of the elephant in the room family. So call us now had elephant lounge are good to elephant call us at 918-877-2219 are either book online at our website at lounge website as well. So call us for more information to learn more about the straight razor shaves broken arrow that we have going on right now because the service is awesome.

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