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For the best Straight razor shaves, a broken arrow is available. It will be hard for us to find a better location than Elephant In The Room men’s grooming lounge. On top of that, you will also not find a better haircut anywhere else as well. There’s a reason why we are the highest rated and most viewed men grooming lounge in the area, and we want you to find out why that is the case firsthand. We make the decision easy for you, we are going to charge you the staggering price of just one dollar for your first first visit to Elephant In The men’s grooming lounge, from there, you can decide if we are a good fit for you or not.

If you find yourself and search for the best Straight razor shaves broken arrow has the offer. The elephant in the room is the best choice for you. We guarantee you are absolutely gonna love your experience here, and we are so confident, we’re going to charge you just a dollar. We are so confident in the experience you will have, we know that after the dollar, you will want to become a customer for a long time and longer into the future. We have many different essentials and add-ons, so every single visit to Elephant in the room can be unique. We know each trip would be unique, because we have so many different add-ons to offer you.

The best Straight razor shaves broken arrow has to offer is and always will be an elephant in the room, you can decide if you want just a haircut or if you wanna explore all the Essentials that we have available as well. There’s nothing better than combining an amazing haircut, along with a brow wax. From there, if you get her deluxe package, you can also experience add-ons as well for free. That means that you can choose from paraffin hand treatment, central oil, scout, massage, razor service, face scrub, and even extended shampoo. Many people like the shampoo, the extended shampoo, and it is OK if you fall asleep in the shampoo room.

At the end of the day, we are confident you were going to love your experience. We are so confident, we are going to book your first visit for just one dollar. From there you can decide if coming back to us is in your best interest. We guarantee it will, as we diligently train our customer service representative and our stylist to provide a great experience each and every time that you visit.

If you’re ready to get booked, visit www.eitrlounge.com or give us a call directly at 833-348-7669 and you can even text that number if you are looking to get booked. You can also book online, but to get the full experience, we recommend you call, so our customer service representative can really tell you all the offers that you have available to you. From there you can decide what the best fit is for you, and then get scheduled.

Straight razor shaves broken arrow | we got all the essentials

If you find yourself looking for the best Straight razor shaves broken arrow has the offer. The elephant in the room is where you need to be. Whenever you visit us, you can register that your experience is going to be top-notch. We have many different add-ons for you to choose from and many different essential packages for you to choose from. That means whenever you go, you’re not gonna just get a haircut, you’re getting a paraffin handle treatment, you’re also getting an essential oil Scott, massage and much more. On top of all that, we have top of the industry customer service, so you never have to worry about that either.

If you are in the market for the best Straight razor shaves broken arrow has the offer then we have the place for you. We have many different packages for you, the first one being the standard package. With the standard package, you always get the beverage, you also get the hair consultation as well as the tailored haircut. On top of that, we also offer you the shampoo, the conditioner, and the massage, as well as the hot towel along with the face moisturizer and style. We also have the deluxe package, that has everything the standard includes plus The two add-ons of your choice. You can choose between par and hand, treatment, essential oil, massage, razor service, face scrub, and even the extended shampoo. No matter what, if there is an add-on that you were looking for, we have it.

The last package includes the best Straight razor shaves broken arrow has to offer plus what we have available is the premium package. This gives you unlimited visits, includes everything the deluxe includes, but you also get the convenience of having unlimited haircuts. With every membership option, we also give you free cleanups, as well as a T-shirt of your choice. We want to take care of you, and every member is automatically entered for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii, so on top of getting a great haircut at a cheap price, you can also wow your wife.

I think the choice is clear, you need to be the elephant in the room. We also have beard trim packages as well. If you’re looking for the beard trim, we can take care of that, but we also have a deluxe beer trim if you were really looking to pamper yourself.

The next step is to get scheduled at www.eitrlounge.com or give us a call at 833-348-7669 today. Whenever you do, you can register that you’ll speak to a friendly customer service rep representative and assist you with any and all questions that you may have. All you need to worry about is having a one of a kind experience. We pride ourselves and train our styles diligently to provide you a great customer service experience. We also have in-house managers that are solely responsible for providing a great customer service experience. That means if you have any questions, you can refer to them and they can help you. Find out why we are the highest rated most viewed men’s grooming lounge in the area.

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