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Have you been wanting to get set up with The Best Man Salon in Tulsa but I’m looking for a high-quality Barber? Feel free to try out One of our lounges at elephant in the room. We want to give you an amazing haircut at an affordable price. Getting set up with an amazing haircut will be the best thing for you because your high-quality here that will be making you look stunning.The high-quality haircut go to ensure that you will be at Will be admired no matter who looks at your it.

No one can absolutely beat The Best Man Salon in Tulsa because or high quality haircuts are backed by play Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the haircut that you end up getting, you can always come back and get a redo and shop for free. We do not have to do this very often because our stylist and Barbers are absolutely amazing at what they do, but in the event that you do not like your haircut, we want to be able to accommodate you as quickly as possible so that you do not walk around with their that you do not absolutely love.

We have any locations in the The Best Man Salon in Tulsa and OKC areas. We have the one off of downtown 17th and boxing, the one off of South 91st and Yale, and the Broken Arrow 1 off of 65th and Lynn Lane. in our OKC locations, we have one in Edmond and in the Nichols Hills area. We’ve been gratefully serving these areas for many many years now.As we continue to grow and expand, we want to be sure that these areas are still serve it’s properly and gratefully. We want to be able to help the people in these areas because they have doing back so much to us over the years. They have made us the highest rated grooming Lounge in Tulsa end in Oklahoma in general.

Now you may be wondering, what kinds of services can you provide? We can provide you with the absolute best in haircuts, but we can also give you stuff like beard trims, brow waxes, Spa Central select paraffin hand treatments, Essential Oil Scalp massages, razor services, and many more experiences that’s will be able to help you feel good and look good. We want you to be able to help you if you need to get your eyebrows shaped and touched up. We want to be able to help make sure that your beard is looking trim and proper and not raggedy and misshapen.

If high-quality haircuts are what you are looking for in a grooming Lounge, then feel free to reach out to us through our website were over the phone so that we can get you set up. You can always call us at 918-877-2219 to get an appointment scheduled for that $1 haircut. Or if you are looking for an online option so that you can book online, then please do not hesitate to go online at EITRLounge.com So that you can get that $1 haircut set up.

The Best Man Salon In Tulsa | Everything You’ve Always Wanted!

Are you interested in finding The Best Man Salon in Tulsa for your haircut? Are you finding that a lot of places in Tulsa are lacking in amazing haircuts? then look no further than the amazing staff and haircuts at elephant in the room. we I prefer you a haircut that would be just $1 for your first time visit. We want to be able to get you in to elephant in the room that you are able to get a high-quality haircut at an affordable price, and what could be more affordable than $1? If you’re looking for even beard trims, waxes, or Spa Central experiences, then just feel free to get in contact with us.

No one has been able to beat The Best Man Salon in Tulsa because we are one of the most highly reviewed and highest rated in the state of Oklahoma for men’s haircuts.We’ve been able to back up our high-quality with amazing people and awesome staff that have been trained for 20 plus years. working with the professionals at elephant in the room is like working with the most laid-back hair doctors in the world. even with our reputation being so high because of hours amazing high quality haircuts, we still want to keep it warm and inviting atmosphere is that feels kind of like a man cave would. we understand that it’s not just getting a haircut is about getting simply your hair chopped up. We understand that getting a haircut is also about having an amazing experience with people that you like and with a service that you can trust.

We can confidently call ourselves The Best Man Salon in Tulsa because of all the previously mentioned things, however we can also confidently say that we are the best because we have many amazing, diverse services that we will be able to get you. getting a haircut is one thing, but getting something like a paraffin hand treatments to really exploit your hand is quite another thing all together. We really want to trust be spliced. But this place offers because getting pampered at something that not a lot of men have always seen themselves doing. a lot of men are just kind of used to getting the 15 minute one and done haircut every 3 months, but we want to be able to bring you back every month, or even bi-weekly if you really enjoy the experience.

Clay Clark, the founder of elephant in the room comment 1 feature remove the blight of this Earth that he is bold cats, Mohawk, bullets, and any other crazy out there DIY haircuts that you might see out on the street. We want to really provides met with a professional atmosphere about them, and Clay Envision back haircuts will be one of the best ways to get that done for you. He created elephant in the room in 2015 to really usher in a new era Men’s Grooming.

If you want to become a part of the era and get set up with an amazing, high-quality haircut, then feel free to reach out to usOkay. We can be reset many platforms, so if you are 12 just go online and book a haircut yourself, you can always reach out to us at EITRLounge.com. Or if you are a 1 to get in person to person call me you can always go into the shop to get set up for a haircut. You can also reach out to us at 918-877-2219 if you want to get a haircut consultation scheduled. We would love to have you in.

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