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Tulsa Barbershops | Better Than Ever Before

If you are looking for Tulsa barbershops that will be you looking clean, pristine, and the most handsome you’ve ever looked, you are going to love elephant in the room. They are one of the greatest men’s grooming lounges in all of Oklahoma. You are going to have some great hair, after coming to Elephant in the room. We will provide you with some truly amazing services that will keep you are looking better, and feeling better.

With elephant in the room, they are not your average Tulsa barbershops. They are so much more than that, they are a men’s grooming lounge. They had not only offer you outstanding haircuts, to give you would be perfect and the need in any occasion, but they also offer a paraffin hand treatment, essential oils scalp massage, hot towel service, and complimentary drink. From the moment you walk into elephant in the room, you are gonna be treated like royalty. Somehow you’re greeted, to the services they offer you will feel on top of the world. You’ll never want to go back to any other service provider for your hair care.

You are also going to receive your very first haircut for the large price of one dollar. Yes, you heard correctly, your only gonna pay a dollar for your haircut. That’s because we want you to see the value of our elephant in the room location can offer to you. We stand out from other Tulsa barbershops in the area. We are constantly striving to provide you the greatest service from hair professionals who know what they’re doing. We have an extensive training process to make sure that you’re getting the best cut. Whether you just need a little touch up on the sides, or you need a full makeover we are the one to provide to you.

There have been many a gentleman come in and out of our elephant in the room locations. Every time, they have been very pleased with their haircuts. From the prompt service, to all of the extra services they add. You get to receive your first haircut for dollar, and you pay a monthly membership, seeking come in as many times as you wish. If you’d like to hear from these gentlemen you have loved to be serviced, go online to eitrlounge.com. When you go online for the website you will have access to all of their personal reviews. They detail their experience with our hairstylists, and customer service representatives.

If you have any questions at all, regarding prices, how to upgrade your membership, please if the call at (833) 348-7669. You may also go online to eitrlounge.com. You need to start today and receive the best care for your care of possible. We are very excited to help you and can’t wait for you to look extremely sharp. Make the best decision for you, your hair, and your loved ones today. Nobody wants to stand next to someone who looks like they just got out of bed because their hair is so messy!

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