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Are you looking for the best Tulsa hair stylist jobs you can find? Well look no further than Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. We are named is synonymous with success and have been for a long time in the Tulsa area. Are you looking for a place we can earn money as a stylist? Well, we are probably the place for you because we understand what it takes to earn you all of that money. One of the things that we do is that we schedule all of our clients in 30 minute slot so that they are coming in in a constant basis and you will be able to make a lot of money.

What is it take to work for the best Tulsa hair stylist jobs in the greater Tulsa area? Well, we think that is actually not that hard to work for us. All you have to do is be someone who was extremely attentive to the customer that is sitting in your chair, show up on time, and give extremely good haircuts. We will train the rest and what it takes to be a part of our team. You will do a demo cat for us and then we will have you trained for two weeks under one of our lead stylist in order to get you up to speed so that you can give these amazing haircuts in 30 minutes. Once you have that down, you will be making money hand over fist.

When we talk about the best Tulsa hair stylist jobs in the area, we talked but a place where you can clear a $100 a day in tips. Does that sound good to you? If it does, you may be the right fit for us, because we are a places able to make sure that our stylists are happy on a daily basis. If you are clearing $100 a day in tips, and you earning your salary, you can make a pretty darn good living working here. Plus, you can work as many days you want. If you are eager to earn that money, and you want to make a successful career out of this place, we have the clients for you. We have so many clients are looking for a stylist, that you may be the perfect fit for us.

Many of our clients love being a member with us. The reason that they love it is because they get a quality hair cut every time, they get pampered, and we get them in and out in a timeframe that is accurate every single time. They get treated with excellent conversation in customer service, and most of all we give them the service that they think that they need when it comes to their hairstyle. We also have many add-ons to help them feel like they are getting pampered when they come see us, which include a paraffin hand wax treatment, a face scrub, or even an extended shampoo.

So when you’re ready to take your career to the next level, please visit company website or call 833-348-7669 today and see what company name can do for you and your styling career. We think that we will be able to help you like we have helped hundreds of others and thousands of clients in the styling industry.

Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs

When our owner, Clay Clark, decided to create the best Tulsa hair stylist jobs available, and he created company name. The reason he did this is because he knew that there was something wrong in the men’s grooming industry. What was wrong was that men, typically, do not pamper themselves at all and have really hectic lives. Men tend to get a haircut wherever it is cheapest, and wherever they see the next haircut place on the way home from work. They do not plan things out very well when it comes to their own personal grooming, and we decide to change that. Mr. Clark rated elephant in the room to help man have a scheduled time where they were getting a haircut and were getting taken care of at the same time.

Furthermore, the stylist that come work for us to enjoy working for us because it is the number one Tulsa hair stylist jobs market and we are the best that they have found. They can routinely earn over $100 a day and this works out to around $25-$40 per hour when it comes down to everything that they are making on a weekly basis. This is a lot of money for many stylist. If you are a stylist is looking to improve your career, have moved on from the regular old haircut places, or you are a veteran stylist is looking to land in a place that is up to your standards, then please consider company name for your next styling gig.

Because we are the most amazing Tulsa hair stylist jobs company there is, we take our jobs very seriously. That means is that we are able to assist you in your career, but we are also extremely focused on making sure that our clients are happy whenever they leave us. If you are someone who is great at customer service, is able to give quality haircuts and a 30 minute timeframe, and loves working with a positive team, then this may be a right fit for you. Are you looking to make extra cash? Then we are probably a good fit because we know how to provide that cash for you in a timeframe where you will be making it on a daily basis.

All of our members are consistently happy with the services that we provide because we are constantly making sure that they are taken care of when they come in to get a haircut with us. We get them in to their appointment on time, and we get that out on time as well. They get a consistent, quality haircut every single time, and they always leave satisfied. If you would like to see with some of our clients and employees have said about working with elephant in the room, or working for elephant in the room, please go to our website and see what they have said there in the testimonial section.

When you are ready to make the move to come to elephant in the room, please give us a call at 833-348-7669 or visit eitrlounge.com today. See what Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge can do for you.

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