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If you are looking for Tulsa hair stylist jobs that are second to none, look no further than Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. We are a name that will be able to help you find that job that will take the next level in your styling career. How can we do this? Well, our stylists make at least $100 per day in tips, and this is a steady income that will help you with your entire life. Many of our stylists say that they can’t believe they waited so long in order to do a demo kit with us, and they are very happy that they finally took the time to try out for our company and they have never made so much money in their entire lives.

We are also considered the Tulsa hair stylist jobs a leader because we understand what it takes to make your life absolutely fantastic. If you’re looking to make a lot of money every single day, then we may be the company for you. For example, are you trying to make money as a stylist? Well, then we may be able to help because our time slots are schedule or 30 minutes long. What this means for you is that you have a new client in your chair every 30 minutes. You will never need to wait to have someone show up and walk to the door in order to ask for a haircut from you. You will also not need to get haircuts done in eight minutes or 45 minutes, as we will be able to get to a new customer in every 30 minutes so that you will know that you have a busy schedule all day long.

We are also the number one Tulsa hair stylist jobs market because we are able to assist you and all of your daily activities. We have a managers and assistant managers who are constantly helping clean your station and clean your tools. This will later focus on maintaining that quality haircut and consistency that we have come to expect from our stylists. When you do a demo kit with us, you will then train for two weeks under one of our lead stylists and they will get you up to speed so that you can complete these haircuts and get the shampoo and scalp massage done in 30 minutes lots. After that, you will be on your way to earning all kinds of money for you and your family.

Our members have many benefits as well. Our member save money on their haircuts and this means that my morning walk in order to. Our members not only save money, but they also get free add-ons on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, and I get a free T-shirt with a set up as well. The free to dollar value will be able to be happy and pass the savings on to you as a stylist.

So what is time for you to make a change and enjoy yourself when it comes your haircuts done in 30 minutes, please call Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. Visit eitrlounge.com and call 833-348-7669 today to see how we can help you.

Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs

For the number one Tulsa hair stylist jobs they can find, look no further than Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge is the leader in the men’s grooming industry because our founder, Clay Clark, has decided that there was something missing in the men’s grooming industry. He knew that man actually like to get their haircuts and want to be pampered once in a while. The problem, and this is a very common problem, is that many men tend to neglect their haircuts or just get them from the cheapest place they can whenever they feel like they need one. This is not something that we take for granted here at Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. We want to make sure that you not only get a quality haircut every single time that you need one, but that you get pampered as well.

What do we mean by getting pampered? Well, we want to make sure that you are getting additional add-ons every single time that you come in. This means that we offer certain things like getting a facial scrub, getting extended shampoo, or even getting a paraffin hand wax treatment on your hands as you go get your scalp massage in the shampoo room. Does this sound like the best haircut you can get? Well, it is. It is the best haircut the you can possibly get and we are very confident in that. This is just another reason that we think you will enjoy having the best Tulsa hair stylist jobs in the greater Tulsa area

Many of our clients say that they are extremely satisfied every single time that they leave. This satisfaction is what keeps us in business and keeps us number one in the styling industry. If you are looking for the best Tulsa hair stylist jobs that you can find, and you are a stylist looking for something new, or want to advance your career, then please come in for a demo cut with us and see what you can do. Many of our members describe their experience here something is actually fantastic.

If you would like to see what members have said about getting their hair cut at elephant in the room, please visit our website and see some of the testimonials there. We think that you will see those testimonials and be happy that you have made the decision to come and join them and be happy getting your haircut here as well. You can also see what it’s like for our stylist to work here as well. Our stylists enjoy working here and they have given testimonials to that fact on our website as well. So when you think it is time for you to make a change in your career, or as a client looking for a great haircut, please look at Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge.

Please visit eitrlounge.com or call 833-348-7669 today and see what we can do for you and your next styling needs. We think that you will be satisfied like thousands of others have been in the greater Tulsa area because we are the best.

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