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Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs | Be Happier While Increasing Skill

If you are seeking Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs with Elephant In The Room you will quickly find that you are a happier person while increasing field. We are a company completely committed to our clients and employees. We are invested in our employee professional and personal growth while helping them increase their skill. Increased skill for employee creates a better overall experience for clients. We are already the highest and most reviewed men’s grooming lounge in all of Oklahoma. We don’t just stop there. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are completely taken care of

Our amazing style options include a consultation from a style expert helping you achieve your perfect haircut. We will provide a tailored haircut with a shampoo and conditioning services which include a massage. We will also allow for a relaxing service for you during your hot towel treatment. We even provide a face moisturizer with a face massage. You will leave with a complete style and knowledge to complete the style yourself. We go above and beyond to make sure you receive the ultimate haircut experience that will change your life. For your comfort we are offering company Henry beverages such as water, soda or coffee. All of our packages go on a month-to-month basis. If you are never locked in anything you do not intend to.

We offer a deluxe, standard and premium package. Your deluxe package is the best value for your money. This package includes the option of two add-ons. Our add-on services include a paraffin hand treatment, razor service, extended shampoo, essential oil scalp massage and a razor service for a nape shave, top of beard and hairline trim. Your deluxe package will also include a 10% discount on all products. If you don’t want to choose just two of our amazing add-on services, seek our premium package. This includes all add-ons included in the package. We even provide the essentials. We offer a brow wax, gray blend, clean up for the hairline, shampoo and style, buzz with a one guard all over and a goatee trim. We go above and beyond for you so that you are never left out of any potential grooming service that you may need.

We provide amazing Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs here at Elephant In The Room. In order for us to deliver the best haircut experience possible, we must first seek individual who are coachable and operate from high integrity. If this is you, apply today. We offer opportunity for our employee because of our commitment to constant expansion. We are currently in four markets across Oklahoma but we are currently in the process of expanding to Florida. We will provide you with personal and professional growth and opportunity. No matter what services you may seek, we can help you get there.

Whether you are seeking Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs at Elephant In The Room or an exceptional grooming experience you will not be disappointed here at Elephant In The Room. Learn more about our company when you visit our website by going to EITRlounge.com. Give us a call today at 833-EITR-NOW, (833-348-7669).

Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs | A Place Where Positivity is Rewarded

If you are seeking Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs and you want a place where positivity is rewarded and hard work is encouraged seek none other than Elephant In The Room. We are the top-rated and highest reviewed men’s grooming lounge in all of Oklahoma. This is because of our commitment to excellence. We provide our clients with exceptional staff that we have trained and taking time to grow personally and professionally. We would not be able to succeed without our amazing employees. This is why we want to hire the best. We are famous here at Elephant In The Room for our one dollar haircut. We go above and beyond to make sure you receive the best service possible and you will immediately see that during your one dollar haircut. We are so determined that you will love your services the first time that you will keep coming back. That is why we offer a haircut for only one dollar. If you are not completely satisfied with your service in the very beginning, we believe you should have never pay us more than a dollar anyway. This is our commitment here at Elephant In The Room.

Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs are a dime a dozen. But nothing like Elephant In The Room. We encourage positivity and work from a culture of high integrity. We believe in hiring based on character rather than skill. This is because we know that we can teach you using a proven method to deliver amazing services for clients. However, character is not something that can be taught. Character is key to success and our clients immediately can tell what type of atmosphere we have and the culture we exhibit the second they walk in the door.

We provide amazing services for our clients in addition to employment opportunities for you. Our ultimate haircut experience includes a consultation, tailored haircut, shampoo with a massage, condition or with a massage, hot towel treatment, face moisturizer with massage and style. We go above and beyond to make sure you are feeling completely confident, styled and more when you seek our services. We provide amazing services for you and that is our commitment here at Elephant In The Room. No matter what type of service you are needing you can receive the best at Elephant In The Room. We offer many packages that you have the best opportunity possible along with options.

We focus on giving back to our community as well. This is because we provide amazing services for first responders at a 50% discount. In addition, all of our one dollar haircut we sell we donate one dollar to charity. We believe in giving back just as much as we believe in offering exceptional services for clients and employees.

Give us a call at 833-EITR-NOW, (833-348-7669). Whether you are seeking Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs or the chance to be groomed and pampered in a relaxing environment we can help you when you give us a call. We also encourage you to learn more about our company by going to EITRlounge.com. You may also text for your appointment at 918-288-0149. We love what we do and we are completely committed to proving that you the very first time you step in our locations.

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