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Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs | Your Opportunity Lies Here

If you are looking to find an amazing opportunity for Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs, learn more about Elephant In The Room. Your opportunity lies here. We are a fast emerging company committed to an amazing culture for our employees. We provide amazing services for our clients to. Whether you are seeking employment opportunity or pampering services for the best men’s grooming lounge in the state, we have you covered. We are the highest and most reviewed men’s grooming lounge in all of Oklahoma. We provide amazing service for our clients because we want our clients to feel completely pampered at an affordable rate. Your very first haircut will only cost you one dollar here at Elephant In The Room. We encourage excellence from our employees. We help our employees grow. This is a win-win situation for employees and clients alike.

We offer the ultimate haircut experience that will leave you feeling pampered, looking sharp and relaxed. We work on a month-to-month basis. You will never be locked in a contract here at Elephant In The Room. We even provide complementary beverages for your comfort. While you are in our care, ask for water, soda or coffee and we will get you taken care of. The ultimate haircut experience, of course includes a tailored haircut. But what you may not know is that you will receive a consultation from an experienced stylist as part of your package. Your stylist will help you pick a haircut fit with your unique personality, face shape and style. During your haircut, you will receive shampoo and conditioning services. Both our shampoo and conditioning services are included with a massage. You also receive a hot towel treatment and a face moisturizer with massage. We will leave you feeling styled and ready to conquer the world.

We provide amazing Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs providing opportunity. We currently are located in for different locations in all of Oklahoma and we are currently entering the Florida market. We are a growing company and we want to hire someone with character completely committed to helping us grow. If this is you, seek our employment opportunities.

One thing you can count on from a company completely committed to exceptional employees, training and an amazing client experience is our ability to give back. For every one dollar haircut we will donate one dollar to charity. In addition, all of our memberships are provided at a 50% off discount for all first responders. We believe our everyday heroes should feel pampered and treated like royalty. That is our commitment here at Elephant In The Room.

Whether you are seeking Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs, and opportunity to be pampered and treated like royalty, or you simply want a quick haircut from a company that will get you in and out, we can help you with any of the services. Just call today at 833-EITR-NOW, (833-348-7669). You may also send us a text at your convenience to book your appointment at 918-288-0149. Go to our website to learn more about our company at EITRlounge.com.

Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs | Training in Excellence

If you are seeking an exceptional haircut experience or Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs, Elephant In The Room has you covered. We are a company completely committed to our employees and our clients. We help train in excellence. We believe that every client should receive an exceptional experience when entering our doors. We believe that every employee should be trained in excellence and grow with our company personally and professionally. This is a win-win for clients and employees alike. We go above and beyond to make sure customers have every opportunity to seek our services. Your first haircut will only cost you one dollar. This is because we believe that you will immediately see our level of commitment, excellence and diligence when you seek our services for your very first haircut with Elephant In The Room. We are a five-star rated company and we are the highest and most reviewed men’s grooming lounge in all of Oklahoma. You will truly enjoy working with us or simply experiencing our services here at Elephant In The Room. Whatever you may be searching for, Elephant In The Room has the answer.

We provide training for Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs. We train in excellence. We hire by character, not by skill. This is a huge difference in our company compared everyone else. You may be the most talented hairstylist in the world with poor character. While most companies would jump at the chance to hire you, we wouldn’t. We want to make sure our team is committed to excellence, has a high level of character, works on integrity and grow with our company. We will teach you the skills you need to be successful. We will train you towards excellence and you will gain professional experience at Elephant In The Room. If you are a person of high character seeking a job, look at Elephant In The Room because we want people just like you.

In addition to providing amazing Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs, we also provide amazing services for our clients. The ultimate haircut experience provide amazing benefits for you. We work on a month-to-month basis, provide complementary beverages, provide a consultation, tailored haircut, shampoo with massage, condition or with massage, hot towel, face moisturizer with massage and style. You will leave feeling relaxed, sharp and sophisticated.

We provide several packages for you. We offer a standard, deluxe, premium and beard trim package. Our deluxe package is our most popular package. It includes the ultimate haircut experience explained above and more. We provide a 10% off discount for products and your choice of two add-ons. Our add-ons feature a paraffin hand treatment, essential oil scalp massage, razor service, face scrub and extended shampoo. We go above and beyond for our clients in the deluxe package is one way to guarantee amazing results for yourself.

So whether you are seeking employment opportunities for the chance to be completely pampered by our exceptional stylists when you dial 833-EITR-NOW, (833-348-7669) we can help you out. We also encourage you to visit our website at EITRlounge.com.

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