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What is special about elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge is not only that we have the Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs to offer is that we actually provide all of our clients a chance be able to have a monthly membership with us so that enables them to be able to have a go to place that they can count on to get a quality haircut and you are part of that experience so we always make sure that every single person that applies for one of our jobs is to be able to meet the requirements and also the job description. Obviously you had to go through, cosmetology school that we also have our own in-house training that we supply for every single newcomer to elephant in the room. So it’s important that your able to take that on as well as really flourish. We know you can cut hair but we want to be able to take it a step further to be able to ensure that you can also provide that elephant in the room haircut experience. So if you feel up to the challenge please apply for one of our stylist jobs today.

The Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs will always going above and beyond to make sure that were able to be this place every man’s low-key men’s spa. Here we actually provide scalp treatment, brow wax, beer trends, paraffin hand treatments, consultations beverage and more so we want to make sure that when we actually have a stylist coming into the one of our shops we can actually depend on them to do all this and more and also be able to do with positive attitude as well as energy. No it was to go to a stylist it’s in a bad mood.

The Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs is everything that a stylist could want in a career. When you hire people elephant in the room it’s not just a job it’s career. So let’s make sure that anyone we hire is always can be able to come in with professionalism as well as just be overly energetic and just awesome to be around. We also expect our clients to always have stylist that they can count on. So that means your punctual as well as reliable. We don’t want to hire a flake. So if you feel that you meet all these requirements and you check off every box please apply today.

We want make sure that every man who walks through any one of our stores can actually leave feeling great and looking even better. And that’s part of your job as a stylist. It’s not only to provide a great haircut but also being able to actively listen and understand what the client is after with their haircut appointment. That’s why every single pointman we always provide a consultation before we even get the razor out. So if you have questions about how we do things then you can be part of our in-house stylist training.

Call 833-348-7669 or go to www.eitrlounge.com if you’d like to be able to know more about our memberships, training, and career path.

Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs | Punctual and Reliable Stylists

Here at elephant in the room we have openings for Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs. Into the biggest things that were looking for in our stylists is punctuality and reliability. If you check this to boxes and you know how to do beer trends, straight razor shades, haircuts, hair shapes, and know how to really entertain them during the time that they’re sitting in a chair here at elephant in the room then you have probably earn the job. Leo’s expect to be able to deliver great service as well as a great stylist so we want make sure that with our membership format were always making it more affordable to stay with us in going anywhere else. And we want to make sure the clients know and understand that they can with elephant in the room and our stylists is going to be worth the money.

The Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs everything you’re looking for in a job. But it’s not just a job it’s career. If you like to know exactly what we do to provide great service as well as great opportunity and please contact our team not to know more permission about our services as was able to note that the what it is that we can actually do. If you have a single make sure that any time we bring someone new into the job they can actually get acclimated quite fast as was get along with the stylists that are already with us. Because the last thing we need is drama.

The Tulsa Hair Stylist Jobs is all about energy and reliability. They want to be able to make sure we able to actually count on our stylists to show up when this is to be at work as well as count on them to always deliver incredible service for all of our clientele. When you’re cutting someone’s here for the first time or it’s one of our loyal clients we always want to make sure they are able to get the same experience every single time they come in. That’s why we offer in-house training for all of our stylists make sure that we are doing everything the elephant in the room way. Have different services that we offer so we want to make sure that within that 30 minute appointment client to gain what they ask for.

Here at elephant in the room we want to make you feel great. With all the fancy services we offer with you looking for straight razor shave, beard trim or a paraffin hand treatment and brow wax we here at elephant in the room always want to make sure that every single client comes to our door can always made be made to feel special as well as always giving them our attention. We can to see what looking to make that happen or at least be able to actually have someone you can count on.

Call 833-348-7669 or go to www.eitrlounge.com not to learn more about our memberships, additional services as well as know more about the history of elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge and what makes us successful.

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