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tulsa hills barbershop Jenks | from the hills all the way to the Valley

This content was written for elephant in the room

Are your eyebrows going push year than you have ever want them to do you have a unibrow that you have been secretly trying to plug in your free time but is not working is your goatee need of a trim but you’re worried about messing it up if you are needing any of these things as well as a beard trimmer any of your tulsa hills barbershop Jenks haircutting needs then elephant in the room is going to be the one that will be ill to give you the quality services that you have been looking for all along. With our experienced I was you know that you are going to be in the best shape whenever it comes to getting a haircut being pampered along the way.

The first one in our amazing lineup that we have available is called the standard it will be way above all the other tulsa hills barbershop Jenks standard haircuts because ours include a Comanche beverage as well as a consultation with the experience stylist is going to be cutting your hair followed by that is going to be detailed haircut according to your needs as well as the shampooing and conditioning that you will have been wanting for a long followed by that is a hot towel and a face moisturizer that will make you feeling 10 years younger after that you will build to have the style that you have been wanting to try out for too scared to do on your own.

The most popular one that we are able to offer here at elephant in the room is going to be the deluxe the deluxe is the next step in the trio of awesomeness is going to put everything at the standard has plus in between detailed haircut in the styling you will build a choose two additional add-ons that will help amplify your haircutting experience if you want your scalp to feel even more rigid nice you have the extent shampoo and the essential oil scalp massage that will leave you feeling in total are as well as these amazing offers you will receive 10% off all products.

The premium is the last and final step in the trio of awesomeness is going to be up to give you all the standard and all five add-ons of the deluxe +15% off all products that you are available to buy in the store at elephant in the room. You are going to be getting the best quality experience one is going to knock all the tulsa hills barbershop Jenks socks off. No more data settle for the mediocrity of other barbershops and now you feel to be welcomed into a luxury environments.

Elephant in the room however is through appointment only due to the business of his and the luxury of it is however very simple to make a appointment as simple as giving the elephant in the room number call which is (833)348-7669 and talking with our friendly associates that will love to schedule a time and a date for you to at one of our multiple locations for you to choose from. If you want to visit her website which is www.eitrlounge.com you can view reviews says that customers is also read about a little bit of our amazing founders

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