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Have you ever been looking for the absolute best in Tulsa Man Salon? We want to introduce you to the absolutely amazing experience of the elephant in the room. We want you to be able to try the experience for just $1. We give you that experience for just $1 because we have faith in our highly trained staff and professionals.

One of those first experiences that you can experience at Tulsa Man Salon is our paraffin hand treatment. Our hand treatment is there to provide not just an amazing haircut experience, but also an amazing Spa experience for you. We want to be more than just a run of the mill, ringing operation for us to just get your money so that you can get a subpar haircut. We want to treat the amazing men of Tulsa with an absolutely amazing Spa experience.

Another amazing experience we offer for your first time at Tulsa Man Salon is an essential oil scalp massage. We use peppermint essential oil to make sure that your hair smells absolutely amazing. This aromatic essential oil will heighten the experience for you, and will provide you with not just a feel good experience, but it will turn heads and noses alike. We want you to stand out amongst your peers not just with an amazing haircut, but also with amazing smelling hair.

We at elephant in the room service in the tulsa area, broken arrow, downtown, and OKC areas. We do this just to ensure that Oklahoma is getting the absolute best in haircuts. We know that getting a haircut can be exciting, but it can be a drive. So we want to be able to give you the amazing experience we offer at elephant in the room for these locations. We absolutely love the tulsa, broken arrow and OKC Metro area. We want to be able to give back to our communities that have given back so much to us.

The reason why we stand out is because we are able to offer you your first experience for $1. We offer that experience so that you can try out elephant in the room and get an idea on whether our grooming Lounge will be the best fit for you. If you find that is the best fit for you, just feel free to give us a call @ 918-877-2219 or go to our website @ EITRLounge.com and sign up for a membership. If you end up not finding that we are the best fit for you, you can still come back on the regular and get other treatments, such as an IRA wax, bearded trim, cleanups, or any other services that might not be conventionally provided by a normal hair groomer.

Tulsa Man Salon | More Than Just A Haircut!

No more will you be in need to look for another Tulsa Man Salon. The amazing stylist and groomers at Elephant in the room will be able to take care of you today. We want to be able to offer you same day availability so that you can get the absolutely best haircut experiences no matter how busy your schedule might be. We want you to be able to get set up for a haircut because you are important to us. That’s why we offer the first time to get your haircut for just $1.

We have a wide range of selections for services to offer at Tulsa Man Salon. We can offer you of course the absolute most basic in men’s haircuts, but we excel at offering more than just a basic buzz cut or generic fade. We offer some amazing and exotic stuff such as a pair of hand treatment, Essential Oil Scalp massage, a face massage, extending that shampoo, as well as eyebrow waxes and anything else you might find your hair is needing. We offer such a wide range of selections to ensure that you’re not just getting an amazing haircut, but you’re all experiencing the absolute best in men’s grooming.

Tulsa Man Salon can offer you these amazing experiences, whether you are first time into the lounge, or you have been a long time member. We offer a lot of perks with our memberships that will allow you to get access to an amazing haircut at a discounted price more frequently. You can come in and get your haircut done from quality, trained, and absolutely fabulous professionals. You can get this haircut more frequently at a discounted rate. We’d love to have you alongside our 4000 members and counting.

No more but will this world be riddled with the bowl cuts, mullets, wacky mohawks, or whatever might be made unprofessional or uncivilized. We want to be able to crop that mop with an amazing haircut and an affordable price for you. We also want to be able to do this for you very frequently, as this will ensure that you are looking amazing as well as feeling amazing about your presentation to the general public. We’re always looking for more people to add to our amazing group of members. If you find that your place is lacking in a specific service, or if they are not up to Snuff with amazing haircuts, then just give us a call.

Whenever you’re looking for the absolute best in men’s haircuts, just feel free to reach out to us at the elephant in the room. You can reach out to us at our phone line @ 918- 877-2219 or you can go online. If you’re choosing to go online, just reach out to us at our website at EITRLounge.com and you’ll be able to get that amazing, top quality haircut. We want to get you in today, so do not hesitate to give us a call, or go to our website. We went to ensure that you get the absolute best experience, so please give in contact with us as soon as possible. We want to be able to offer you this amazing $1 haircut so that you can try on our services and gauge whether or not they will be an amazing fit for you. If they end up being the best fit for you, then we would love to make you a member now.

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